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Off-Peak Season My Kinda Season: La Crosse, WI

And then I said I’d pick up a sixer! Roadside America for the record books.

La Crosse, WI: La Crosse County (Our third Wisconsin County)

I have no idea why I’ve never been to La Crosse, Wisconsin, until January of 2019. It was always there and just around three hours away. Fewer miles and less time on the road compared to other Midwest metro areas like Chicago, Twin Cities, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Omaha. Why was this our first venture? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I know that I’ll be back again due to the recent gallivant we made to the Driftless Area. Think about it folks…There’s plenty of breweries, restaurants and all around great gallivantin’ times to be had on Wisconsin’s Mississippi River banks. Let’s start with breakfast and a lot of it!


The Breakfast Club & Pub is your nostalgic reminder that the 1980’s pop culture proves that it just might be the greatest decade ever. You can watch the teenage angst being portrayed on the flat screens while enjoying your Reuben omelet with its juicy and tender sliced corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, peppers, onions and 1000 Island. Sympathize with Andie as she deals with all her drama by knocking back their fantastic Bloody Mary with all the fixin’s. And fill your belly with fluffy biscuits and rich sausage gravy while you wonder if Duckie, Blane, and Steff will ever grow up. All this while house music pumps out the greatest music of the 80s when MTV was the whole reason you talked your parent in to getting cable. I could have called this a complete trip right here, but the exploration must go on. Red Dawn…greatest movie of the 80s. Change my mind!

Yes, you can craft your way through La Crosse just fine and the 608 Brewing Company was the place to make this happen for us on out grownup getaway! The bartender knew just what to suggest and we took a couple flights, La Crosse-Style. Great tunes were playing in an entertaining atmosphere with all the suds we could want. Stouts, IPAs, Lagers, Sours and more for the championship on this night. Always dominate. Never miss a chance to dominate. Let’s head back downtown, shall we? Uber me, La Crosse!

When in La Crosse you should eat…Cajun! That’s right fellow travelers, this popular and historic downtown district is home to Buzzard Billy’s and we had no obstacles when it came to getting after this food… an andouille sausage Po’Boy with its co-host Breaded Catfish Po’Boy and their trusty sidekick of breaded gator tails. That’s a hugely successful dinner and we weren’t stopping here. Not when there’s hundreds of beer choices in just one place down the road.

This sign doesn’t lie so get that nightcap fitted at Bodega Brew Pub and discover some planet Earth’s greatest brews. Support local brews, national crafts, macro favorites, and international icons here and often. Bodega supplied the comfortable warm bar we needed on a January-Sconsin night.

Now that’s a spectacular view of a Midwest jewel. Grandad Bluff Park is one of the greatest overlooks you’ll ever experience. Don’t let me hear that you passed on this.

La Crosse had the feeling of being the unofficial capitol of the Driftless area. A thriving metro community with all that comes with it while keeping its uniqueness and sheer beauty of the surrounding bluffs. A college town that welcomes in students and families of many backgrounds and nationalities while keeping its river town heritage that created one of Wisconsin’s greatest cities. We have so much more to explore and discover in La Crosse County and this sample is just what will entice us to come back. Here’s to many more gator tails, brewskis, bluffs and the locals that make this region an amazing one year after year. Until we Gallivant again!


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