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Salad Bars & Buffets: Following & Breaking Your New Year’s Resolution

*You can see where this is going. We’re the proud On the Road Ambassadors for Linder Tire Service and we always find these great meals with sponsors like them on our side.

The list that has many portions, side, calories, vitamins, fiber and gravy. From fresh and leafy to brunches and endless desserts. Here are some of the best ways to keep your end of the bargain, when it comes to your diet, or totally end it in one meal. Let’s get after it!

Follow It: Bread Garden Market-Iowa City

Downtown Iowa City’s most popular pay-by-weight concepts is on the Ped Mall and its row after row of fresh greens, sliced and diced veggies, creative sides, fruit, cheeses, eggs and soups can help you stick to that strict diet you put yourself on here in 2019. They also have many selections in the hot cases like sesame kale, steamed or roasted veggies, squashes and seasonal dishes all year long.

Break It: Cronk’s Cafe-Dennison, IA

Good luck on not cheating if someone invites you to Sunday brunch at Cronk’s. Sausage gravy on whatever you want! Fresh baked pastries, made to order omelets, bacon & ham, cheesy potatoes and much-much more. Go ahead and splurge at one of Iowa’s oldest restaurants!

Follow It: Saints Avenue Cafe-Boone, IA

You gotta love the classic Midwest salad bar!

You can easily work around your resolution at Saints Ave Cafe, but if you have the willpower to hold back on the rest of their tasty selections on their buffet, you’ll be rewarded with an filling, fresh and wonderful salad bar while traveling through Central Iowa.

Break It: JW’s Bar & Grill-Paullina, IA

Have I mentioned how much we love brunch? Well, I do and this O’Brien County gem has one of our favorite brunches we’ve had. Fluffy pancakes with strawberry syrup, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, roast beef and all that stick to your ribs favorites!

Follow It: The Lady Bug-Clear Lake, IA

They don’t have the full on salad bar but they have some THE BEST farm to table fare in North Iowa. The selections change all the time to keep up with growing season and it makes it even better with their house made dressings.

Break It: Sunrise Bakery-Bonaparte, IA

There is only one thing in this picture that’s not made from scratch. It’s the lemonade and that’s totally okay.

Have you been to an all you can eat Amish buffet? Let your first time be in rural Van Buren County and break that resolution properly. This bakery only does their buffet spread a couple times a year, so if you’re waiting for the perfect moment you found it. Made from scratch meatloaf, breaded chicken, fresh bread, mashed potatoes, slaw, pies and the very crust that makes the foundation. Everything! Make the Villages of Van Buren happen in 2019.

Follow It: Bread Basket-Manchester, IA

The salad menu is one of the best you’re going to find in Eastern Iowa and the dressings are what make this experience worth the drive. Leafy greens tossed with juicy fruit, roasted nuts, tender chicken breast, fresh baked bread and homemade hot soups. That’s all your vitamins right there!

Break It: Mama Nick’s-Waterloo, IA

That is one huge tray of carbs and you want every bite!

Need to prep for that marathon coming up? Or at least imagine you are while eating copious amounts of pasta so you don’t feel as bad? Mama Nick’s has all you can eat pasta every Thursday and you can go to town all night long with delicious lasagna, spaghetti, chicken Alfredo and garlic bread!

Follow It: The Hawkeye-Keokuk, IA

Hey! There’s a salad in that pic!

The Hawkeye Restaurant has an irresistible salad bar with tons of ways to make an epic plate of everything you love. If you can behave during the rest of your meal than you should share a plate of their famous Rumaki. Chicken livers and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, hand breaded and deep fried to a perfect golden crunch.

Break It: Dave’s-Charles City

Let the brunch theme rage on! Dave’s has freshly carved ham, homemade biscuits, potato casserole and a lot of fresh food getting replenished all brunch long. You ready to make these tasty road trips happen? You’re going to need to make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road before you do.

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Enjoying yourself while you’re waiting for your car to get done! The Grinnell location has plenty of popcorn, coffee, sodas and the Earnhardt family ready for all your selfie opportunities.

You’ll find some of the best products, at Linder’s, and all your tire dreams can come true here. They know what they’re talking about and they have 87 years of know-how to back it up. So, enjoy things like snowmobiles this winter and not fretting about your car while making the best of this season. We’re always going to break a resolution or two, but don’t cheat when it comes to your vehicles. Let’s keep our families and ourselves safer, in 2019 and beyond.


*Linder Tire Service is the sponsor to the content on this blog post. The opinions expressed are of our own.

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