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Ear to Ear Moments of 2018: The Greatest Smiles of the Year

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What’s your New Year’s resolution? I have one that I concentrate on with every turn of the calendar and that is to highlight some of the greatest people we meet all year long. Below are some of the happiest moments on The Iowa Gallivant in 2018 and there’s nothing I’d trade for them. Times like these are why we do this blog and it reminds that this journey will have more moments like these no matter what. This is just a sample of the countless people we met and shared our travels with with many chuckles, giggles, and nose snorts that went into these Midwestern smiles.

Valle Drive-In Theater-Newton, IA

A Ukulele trio in the bed of pickup in the middle of intensely green corn field waiting for Ant Man & The Wasp to start on the drive-in movie screen just before dusk. Can summertime be anymore perfectly described?

IMG_4154 (1)
Deal’s Orchard-Jefferson, IA

A break from a Spring downpour at the orchard. Hard work muddy conditions can actually bring out the best in folks and it did here at Deal’s on this day in May.

TIG Headquarters-Iowa City, IA

The conditions might have been freezing outside in early March but the kitchen in our Iowa City home kept us happy and very warm on this day. My father in-law had the ultimate BLT with the help of some sausage from Gilbertville, Iowa.

IMG_3723 (1)
All Nations Baptist Church-Iowa City, IA

This annual Korean Food Bazaar may not be the typical church supper you grew up having, but the welcoming smiles you get from the hosts are the familiar ones you know very well.

The Sunflower-Atchison, KS

Confidence was exuding from this grin at The Sunflower from the proud owner. They have great local brews, food, coffee and the Kansas atmosphere that we could have absorbed all day if this had been our only stop planned.

Gateway to Kansas-Atchison, KS

We were lifelong friends from the moment we walked in and she told my wife that she better hold on to me tight. I gave her a picture from the shelves but her humor and hospitality was the true gift.

Clear Creek Cook-Off at Sts Peter & Paul-Harper, IA

Caught him in pure bliss at the annual Clear Creek BBQ Cook-Off at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church. The very hot summer day didn’t keep us and many others from one of the best smoke-filled events we encountered this year.

The Depot-Leavenworth, KS

Mother and son take a moment from operating their proud family restaurant to get a great pic together during our memorable gallivant through Eastern Kansas.

Uptown Denison, IA

Our 4th year of RAGBRAI coverage brought us to Denison and they couldn’t wait to host thousands of cyclists. Our trip here was so great we decided to head back later in the fall!

Fiesta Foods-Onawa, IA

Who loves their family’s long adored meatloaf recipe? This Onawa local uses hers to feed all the regular customers and hungry out-of-towners like us.

Uptown Cafe-Jefferson, IA

You’d have these smiles, too, if these beautiful homemade cinnamon rolls were at your breakfast table.

Downtown Davenport, IA

We have a lot of family adventures and we know how important a grownup getaway can be. Our Uber driver was one of the most enthusiastic ambassadors we met during our weekend in the Quad Cities.

That’s right, folks! Make some time for yourself. Monie and I treated ourselves to some great times and we’re not stopping in 2018. Our travels have taken us to lively metro downtown areas to off the beaten track roadhouse atmospheres. Where’s our next grownup getaway!?!

Countless smiles from the whole family all year long, as usual, and before you know it we’re closer to 2019. We know that there’s plenty of ways to find the negativity in the world, but we hope you all continue to see how amazing your communities are through The Iowa Gallivant. Our ear to ear resolution will be an easy one and we have a few more goals to keep true in the new year….

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