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The Delicious Side of Sac City

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Good afternoon, old friends! Another memorable trip on Historic 20 awaits us…..One meal at a time! (Picture credit to Bryan Farr)

Sac City, IA: Sac County

What a great time to take a trip on Historic US Route 20! It’s autumn, the skies are clear, the weather is beautiful, and the open historic road is calling. Plus, we’re hungry and we want Northwest Iowa cooking from some of the best folks you’re going to meet. Our trip to Sac City produced so much, including those stick-to-your-ribs meals that we’ll travel anywhere for.

Breakfast first! You can’t miss Hutch’s Cafe because it’s right on Old 20. They have the memorable meals you need in a classic road trip on a historic highway, like the iconic platter of biscuits and gravy, THICK slices of country ham, and one of the best omelets we’ve had on The Iowa Gallivant. An eggy masterpiece loaded with ham, mushrooms, onions and peppers then topped with a mound of golden hashbrowns and finished with melted cheese. That could be all I needed to top off a trip, but we’re not done yet. Afternoon snacks are coming!

One heap of popcorn for our eyes only and another big’ole helping that we can have as much of as we want. The World’s Largest Popcorn Ball is roadside Americana gold and it’s right on Old 20. Come see this monster either night or day and tell everyone where you can experience this behemoth. And when your popcorn craving hits, and it will, stop by some of Sac City’s local businesses and pick up some bags of Cedar Creek. I hear a stocking stuffer alert!

The Highway 20 dinner bell was ringing and Sac County Cattle Company was wrangling us in! We started out with the classic Midwestern salad bar stocked with fresh lettuce and all the trimmings. Our favorite pasta salads, fluffs, herring, and anything we could fit on our plates. Next came their generous entrees like broasted chicken with some of the lightest and crispiest crunch you’re going to get in the area. Huge bowls of pasta Alfredo….but something else is missing…

Steaks and chops! It’s a steakhouse after all. Think cuts of the juiciest Iowa raised beef and pork that can bring the customers floating in for miles. Sac County Cattle Company is front and center on Main Street and you can also enjoy their award winning burgers along with the giant cuts of everything that makes this city delicious.

There was another reason why we headed to Sac City. We celebrated Historic US Route 20’s annual meeting and I was honored to formally accept the title of Executive Director of the 333 mile stretch through Iowa on America’s longest highway. As you can see, we’re going to be having great times on this route because it’s “Time to be 20 Again!”

*Our stay at the Sac City Motel was complimentary. The views expressed on this blog post are of our own. Let’s get back to gallivanting!

After a long day like this it was time to crash at one of the most comfortable motels that we’ve experienced in our travels. Everything we needed was right there with a welcoming team making sure our stay and Sac City experience was a great one. These folks know how to make visitors feel right at home.

Say it with me again and all together! On second thought, say “Time To Be 20 Again” with your community members on video, send it to us, and we’ll add it to our future compilation. Click here  to message us on the Historic Route 20-Iowa Facebook page. What a great time to be 20!

4 thoughts on “The Delicious Side of Sac City

  1. Hello Sac City. Hutch’s also has the best tenderloin around. I grew up in the Nemaha area & spent many hours at the Sac County Fair as a 4-H’r. My grandkids are in the Nemaha club & I’ll judge static 4-H projects for as long as they’ll have me.

  2. The cattlemen’s is the best best best!!!! Can’t wait to come through Sac City to stop and have another steak

  3. At Sac County Cattlemen’s that is the place to eat the best food you’ll ever find and very reasonable I can hardly wait to get back to place another order very nice owners very friendly

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