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Iowa’s Best Hometown Taco Award Goes To…..

Our 2016 Taco Tour ends here….

Let the awards season begin! What an amazing round of tacos we had this year! Our search for Iowa’s Best Hometown Tacos took us to a lot of restaurants with 25 of them making it to the pages of The Iowa Gallivant. We went all over the state in search of some of the best tacos. Obviously, we know that there are so many Iowa establishments that are deserving of this distinction, but this was Team Goodvin’s pick. A very difficult pick. We are proud to give this award to……

Mimi’s Taqueria and Bakery in Ottumwa, Iowa! 233 North Sheridan Avenue.

Will travel for tacos! Again and again, over and over. What’s a better reason to rev-up another Iowa road trip? Mimi’s Taqueria and Bakery had delicious authentic tacos, yummy pastries and one of the most welcoming crews working anywhere in this great state. Their slow cooked and juicy lengua tacos (beef tongue) are the ones that stole our hearts and literally drove us back to Ottumwa.

The proud owner with one of the cooks to the left and Sara to the right. Sara is the Director of Sales at the Hotel Ottumwa and directed us to Mimi’s when we first visited Ottumwa this summer. We couldn’t be happier to find out that she is one of Mimi’s mega fans and now we are too.

You can have your taco and it your cake too at Mimi’s!

Though Mimi’s won the award, we must say that Ottumwa is absolutely LOADED with great authentic Mexican and Salvadorian food with tacos, burritos, tortas, more bursting at the seams of the Wapello County city. The drive to Ottumwa is less than 2 hours away from metro regions like Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Muscatine, Burlington, and dozens of towns in between. So get YOUR taco tour going! We suggest getting those plans ready for Ottumwa where we found our Best Hometown Tacos. Now pass the guac and make this happen!

Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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  1. Must try cactus tacos…. Those are authentic as Hispanic food comes! With the tasty appetizer chips fresh salsa and fresh horchata!

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