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Iowa Recipe Quest-Cooking With Iowa’s Brews, Wines,& Spirits: Sweet Chili Glazed Chicken w/ Peace Tree Blonde Fatale

We picked up a sixer of a premiere Iowa craft beer and put it to work right away. Chicken is on with Peace Tree’s Blonde Fatale!

Blonde Fatale Ale: Peace Tree Brewing Company-Knoxville, IA

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Knoxville, IA is home to some of the most exciting car races in the world. Literally thousands of fans flock to Marion County all season long to root for their favorite drivers. Now they have another reason to love Knoxville. One of Iowa’s most well known breweries is bringing in the craft beer cult into its doors by the barrel full. Luckily, you can get a taste of Knoxville all year long no matter what the conditions are. All we had to do was stop into our local grocery store and grab some cold Blonde Fatale. Some for me, some for the chicken….Some for me, some for the chicken…Some for me….(Click on the pictures for descriptions and measurements.)

Prep Time: 5 Minutes     Cook Time: 30 Minutes     Yield: 6 Portions

Place chicken breasts into a Pyrex pan or bowl. Add lemon pepper, salt, honey, and olive oil and coat the chicken by hand. Add the Blonde Fatale and chili peppers. Cover and let marinate for 8-10 hours. Here’s a few things you can do while the chicken marinates. Go to work. Or call in and play some sweet disc golf with a few Blonde Fatale Ales. Be sure to save some beer for dinner! You always want to enjoy the beer that you’re cooking with as it will enhance the flavors in the food. Plus that sounds fancy and will make it sound like you know what you’re doing.

After spending a few hours at your local disc golf course and texting your co-workers about how you just eagled that sick 16th hole, remove the chicken and chili peppers from the marinade and set aside. Pour the marinade and sweet chili sauce into a medium size sauce pan. Place the sauce pan on the stove top on high heat and bring to a slight boil. Reduce heat to medium and whisk constantly while it reduces by half. Should take about 10 minutes to reduce. Preheat grill on high setting.

Place chicken on the grill and reduce heat to medium. Grill with lid down for about 5 minutes. Flip chicken over and brush the sweet chili sauce on the chicken. Shut lid and and cook for another 5 minutes. Flip chicken and brush on more sweet chili sauce. Reduce heat to low and shut lid. Flip chicken every few minutes and brush more sauce on each side until the chicken is fully cooked.

Ladies and gentleman…Grilled Blonde Fatale Sweet Chili Chicken!

We whipped up some homemade pasta salad and sliced up some juicy watermelon. The summer has just begun and Blonde Fatale helped us start it off with a bang. Cold beer and grilled meats. Cue the screeching Bald Eagle, please.

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