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Scouting RAGBRAI 2016: A “Ridiculous” Visit to Washington

Gotcha! We landed in Washington on one of their most celebrated weekends! Join us as we enjoy Ridiculous Day!

Washington, IA: Washington County

You can’t stop the ridiculousness in Washington, you only need to contain yourself on this annual citywide event. The first Saturday of every June, Washington brings out the retail deals, great food, bands, and events all day long. And Team Goodvin made a smooth landing into Washington and we couldn’t wait to get our story out. This is round 2 of Scouting RAGBRAI-2016! Prepare yourselves for overnight #7! (Click on the pictures for descriptions.)


Let’s fast forward to July….but don’t forget to come back. Enjoy your summer! You’ve been in countless Iowa towns and wish you had more room, and not to mention energy, to gather more gifts and souvenirs during your RAGBRAI adventure. Yes, you can always comeback to Washington, IA another day. Ooooor… Ask these local retailers if they’ll ship the “OMG, darling-love of my life…I NEED to have this on our fireplace ohhh let’s get it now” item you must have. Save some scratch, RAGBRAI’ers. (Click on the pictures for addresses and descriptions.)






Jaz It Up, The VillageEarthly Blessings, and The Purple Petunia  aren’t the only game in town. Washington is absolutely loaded with shops, boutiques, and retailers already prepared for the riders. While we shop, let’s fuel up with some coffee. I have a feeling there’s a few fans of this brew that will be en-route during RAGBRAI. We recharge at Dodici’s Shop and The Coffee Corner!


One of the official RAGBRAI bike shops is located right in Washington. Rodney and Rita will have Rider Sales humming through the whole route and when the ride arrives to overnight #7. 102 East 3rd Street, Washington, Iowa.

It was time for us to have our lunch and check into our room for the night. Thanks to Cafe Dodici, we’re able to do both at the same time. An amazing meal in the cafe and a short walk upstairs to the Dodici Night Suite. All right in Washington’s historic town center.


Let’s check into our suite, shall we. Washington has a lively town square and Dodici’s Night Suites have spectacular views of the park and all the action happening downtown.


The day was only getting warmed up. The annual Ridiculous Day Parade was getting revved up and the organizers asked if Team Goodvin would like to participate. The answer is YES! An Iowa Gallivant first! Bring that parade on! Not so fast…There’s some duck throwing too! (These ducks are the featherless kind)


After a long walk in a parade, I think we could go for something to soothe our hardworking muscles. Because I said they need to be soothed, so we’re going to find someone who can make this happen. And RAGBRAI’ers will be in good hands too. In good “hands”. For a massage. Oh man, that’s good times. Simply Spa, everyone.


The day was warm and that means one thing. The perfect excuse for ice cream. The tired masses of riders will be rolling into the Korner Kremery by the dozen to cool off and satisfy the sweet tooth!


The Korner Kremery won’t be the only way to beat the heat in Washington. They have outlets for riders much needed breaks all over the city. From theaters, to schools, and more!


We headed to the edge of town where the riders will be entering Washington. What will you be greeted with? How about smoked sausage, local jerky, Mexican food, margaritas, and cold beer! Hey, there even a laundry mat too! Surprise, surprise. We’re hungry again. Boyd’s Sausage Company and Mi Pueblo Real will be greeting your way into Washington’s city limits!



Scouting RAGBRAI can make a family tired. So can a burrito the size of an El Camino. We headed back to our downtown suite, overlooking the historic State Theater, and crashed in our big comfy beds. Sleep well, Washington.

One last evening stroll through downtown before we hit the racks. Nighty-Night…

It’s morning in Washington and we need breakfast. Let’s see here. What would a hungry biker gravitate to before trekking into the last leg of RAGBRAI? How about giant donuts. Washington knows how to get this done. Here we come, Main Street Donuts!


We were fed to the point of bursting and we were welcomed at every turn in Washington. Overnight #7 is more than ready for the world’s greatest bike tour. RAGBRAI doesn’t come to town every year, so when it does, you best put on a great show. Washington and their locals did an amazing job showcasing their proud city and are buzzing with more RAGBRAI excitement everyday. See you again, Washington!

There’s going to be a pig kiss too. Just not on this day.

And now some HUGE thank yous to….

cafe dodici
To Lorraine Williams and the Dodici crew. You provide a top notch suite for us and we loved the accommodations. Have a great year ahead!
Wash chamber
To Michelle Redlinger and everyone at the Washington Chamber of Commerce. Great work putting together our trip. We had a blast!
wash rag
To Denise Erpelding and everyone on the Washington-RAGBRAI team. Denise gave us a wonderful tour of the town during a very busy weekend and never skipped a beat!

Please take time to visit….

rag 2016

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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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    ~Debbie Stanton, Co-chair RAGBRAI Washington Hospitality

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