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Getting Some Y’all Time- Grownup Getaways in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

This is a perfect way to start an evening with a view on the beaches of Alabama! World famous bushwhackers at CoastAL in Orange Beach!

*We had the great pleasure to be hosted by the awesome folks at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism. Some of our meals and admission into the Flora-Bama was complimentary. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant, Bama!

Hey, Bama………Beer me! Big Beach Brewing Co is located in Gulf Shores, but you can take these refreshing beers with you back to your room or right on the white sandy beaches. Let’s get this grownup getaway going!

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, AL: Baldwin County

When the opportunity for a date night comes up we pounce on it like an eager seagull spotting a fallen French fry from a cheeseburger basket. Wow. A cheeseburger basket sounds tasty right now. However, we should get back to world famous venues and late night dinners with my most important of beach buddies. This gallivant is for you, Monie! (That’s my wife, y’all!)

Nightcap With A Secret

This is a stunning woman with a stunning view on the speakeasy patio of 8 Reale OBAL at The Wharf in Orange Beach!

One of the area’s newest and most mysterious bars is in the popular entertainment complex known as The Wharf. 8 Reale OBAL is bringing a 21st century take on the old fashion speakeasy with minimal online presence. Nestled next to a jewelry store and behind a vaulted door is this truly breathtaking speakeasy that keeps the roaring 20s going into the modern day roaring 20s on Alabama’s beaches!

The expert mixologists keep the drinks humming along with refreshing flavors in classic cocktails and delicious twists on their own creations. Go ahead and challenge them on their drink making skills because they won’t disappoint!
A daiquiri that Ernest Hemmingway would love. Well, he better because this cocktail was named after him! Want to know how you can get into this Orange Beach speakeasy? Click here and see what the clue of the day is on the 8 Reale OBAL Facebook page! It’ the only way you’re going to find out….

Let’s Hit the State Line!

There’s two things that I think of right away when I’m on the eastern fringes of Orange Beach. My friend Captain Glenn and the iconic roadhouse built directly on the Alabama and Florida border in this incredibly popular area of the Gulf Coast. Before we party, let’s relax in style with Glenn and Hammock Time Tiki Tours!

Captain Glenn was a longtime kayak specialist and has recently redeveloped his business, but still showcasing his love for the this community and coastline. He went from “pass me the oar” to “crank up the music!” Hammock Time Tiki Tours docks at Caribe Marina where your adventure will start. You can take it easy with a chill tour of the back bays or have Glenn take you to one of the nearby islands so you can soak up the sun in a unique way in Orange Beach. Or you can have a party on his boat and get a little wild as you go from bar to bar like Tacky Jacks and the Flora-Bama!
We opted for the island and dropped anchor for the afternoon. Alabama craft beer in hand with all that Orange Beach sunshine and white sand on my toes! This is also a great spot for wildlife and visits from the local crab population!
World famous and one of the most popular entertainment venues in America. The Flora-Bama Lounge is the ultimate roadhouse. This is where Orange Beach, AL meets Perdido Key, FL!
IMG-6190 (1)
They don’t call it the Flora-Bama for nothing! A quick smooch while standing in each state. Trust me, we are not the first to do this or the last. Get down here and make this moment happen!
Classic locals making classic drinks all day and night at the Flora-Bama!
Anyone else hear that Kenny Chesney is a pretty big fan of this place? He wrote a song about his little chunk of heaven and all the lyrics are behind us cut from old license plates.
Thousands of customers pouring into this place means you need thousands of pours from the bar. Trust me. They’re not running out of your favorite beverage.
Multiple stages, non stop live music, unbelievable bands, lively crowds, and some of the greatest times you’ll experience on the Gulf.
That is the the pose of a very content individual. A few moments in the Flora-Bama Lounge gives you all the roadhouse feels that you never knew you had.

With the beach out back, the stages pumping out music from the live bands, countless beverages, and the common goal of all… creating the most memorable night possible here at this roadhouse. Don’t skip on this treasure! By the way….We were told by locals that the Flora-Bama is one of the best places in the country to watch a football game. I’m talking to you, Midwesties! Want to watch your favorite team wearing layers in freezing temps or with flip flops in Perdido Key? I say switch it up a little and start a new game day tradition for yourself.

Seafood Date Nights

When mama wants seafood, mama gets seafood. We weren’t leaving Alabama without stopping at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores!
The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach community is known for having some of the best Bloody Mary’s in the world. Don’t just read about it here. Get down to Gulf Shores and find your favorite flavor. We suggest starting out at the Original Oyster House!
Oyster House
One of the best salad bars in the area and getting constantly replenished with fresh ingredients from their hardworking kitchen.
Oyster House
Stuffed crab, buttery scampi, breaded flounder, and more! That is the flavor the gulf right there.
Did you think we were going to go to a place called the Original Oyster House and not get any oysters!
Oyster House
One of the funnest locals we met on our trip. Taeko will take care of you here and never turns down an opportunity to make your meal even more memorable with that smile!

An evening with my wife means a round of fresh seafood and the Original Oyster House was the terrific spot where we reeled in another delicious meal. This famous establishment has a large menu with many choice and an obvious emphasis on incredible seafood. Our raw oysters on the half shell had the taste of the coast we were wanting. You see that cup of cocktail sauce? That was made fresh at the table…..By me! All the ingredients are at the table and you make it as spicy, lemony, saucy, and salty as you want!

The locals said this was a great place for an evening out and they were right! Just off the two main drags in Gulf Shores and another gem we were glad we stopped at.
This is how I like to do my late night stretches.
One of the Mikee’s specialties. You gotta love your seafood topped with more seafood! Their creamy and very rich sauces are never a bad decision and Mikee’s knows how to smother them on.
Specialty drinks in a souvenir cup and local Alabama craft beer. And those place settings are the kicker!

We made one last evening getaway and landed at Mikee’s Seafood. The people around town who know the community best said we made the right decision by heading here and we cleaned up again. I love a late dinner and a couple drinks with my wife and we enjoyed more Southern flavors. Watch the video below and get a great tip on how to eat those turnip greens with hushpuppies!

And thanks to a local, this Iowa kid found out that they call the render, from the greens, pot liquor. Officially the coolest phrase I heard from the whole weekend and I can’t wait to drop that knowledge myself!

Early Morning Coffee

What a fantastic smile to greet you when the Gulf Shores sun is rising.
The coffee break was not going to be skipped during our vacation.

Beach Girl Coffee is either greeting you to Gulf Shores or telling y’all to come back. On the edge of town and worth the stop both times. A small little coffee shop that serves up some of their own creations and the classics. You know these places are an important part of your daily life and Gulf Shores has your caffeinated cravings taken care of here.

Those smiles were produced over and over again here on the beach, fabulous restaurants, and all throughout Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.

Traveling is what we do. We’ve come to love it more and more as the years go on. My wife is the greatest companion I could have ever asked for in so many ways. Alabama’s Gulf Coast gave us the grownup getaways we needed and in unique ways that many enjoy. Including a few little niche ideas to go with it. There’s plenty more to see here and we plan on making it happen again. Bushwhacker, iced coffee, and oyster shell in hand again and again.

I kinda sorta slow danced with a gator. Yup.

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Just a short walk from our room at the Hilton Garden Inn-Orange Beach Beachfront. One more beer on the beach before lights out!

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