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Relaxing on the Glenwood, Iowa Town Square

*I’m always eager to see what small towns are doing with there beautiful Main streets and town squares. Loft apartments and Airbnb accommodations are popping up all over the map and Mills County is one of those destinations that’s helping to bring in the visitors to Southwest Iowa. Our stay at the Glenwood Loft on the Town Square was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s gallivant!

Up the long staircase and into a Glenwood loft you don’t see everyday during rural Iowa adventures! 427 East Sharp Street just above Joe Designer.

Glenwood, Iowa: Mills County

Mills County has seen The Iowa Gallivant stroll through its communities several times over the years, and we love seeing the growth. Glenwood is in the heart of this county’s patch of the Loess Hills along with its hub for businesses all over the city. If you’re a town square buff like me then you’ll want to make sure to experience this one and think about staying overnight at the Glenwood Loft!

Original brick walls create a patchwork of art all on their own in this sun soaked loft. A historic building that’s been renovated into an incredible and relaxing destination.
Inside my room was an old word touch with its design. It had a the feeling of a mid-20th century home that’s been attracting visitors for decades.
The bathroom was spacious and with plenty of hot water for your daily shower. Wonderfully designed and equipped with everything you’d need to stay comfy and feeling refreshed.
The bed was nice and inviting with warm blankets while the room was wonderfully dark during the entire night. I know that’s important for a lot of travelers including this guy!
Don’t tell me that this scene doesn’t want you to stay longer! Full kitchen, living room, stunning woodwork, and absolutely zero thoughts of hustle and bustle going through the atmosphere.

Simple and satisfying accommodations with beautiful decor in the beautiful Loess Hills. Shopping, restaurants, bars, brewery, winery, overlooks, amazing candy shoppe and more just minutes from this loft in Glenwood, Iowa. You can achieve this getaway yourself and you know you deserve it!

Make your reservations for the Glenwood Loft on the Towns Square on Airbnb.
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