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The Loess Hills with a Side of Meat & Potatoes in Fremont County, IA

*We live for the days when we can make it to SW-Iowa anytime of year! Our visit to Fremont County was sponsored and funded by the Western Iowa Tourism Region. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

If you love scenery, great food, byways and roadside attractions then you’re gonna love Fremont County! Sidney, Iowa’s town motto is Rodeo Town USA, which is why you can find decorative boots like this all over the town square!

Fremont County, Iowa

When was the last time you went to the extreme? I have a few times, in Iowa, and I lived to tell the stories every time. You see, I’m talking about extreme Southwest Iowa and it’s communities, breathtaking scenic overlooks and mouthwatering meals in Fremont County! There’s much to do here, and we did our best to pack in as much as possible in just a few hours in the Loess Hills and beyond!

Let’s Eat Steak

We need to protein-up before we hit the hiking trails! Our first Fremont County stop was on the Sidney town square at Whip’s Steakhouse & Saloon!
Streets of sirloins in Rodeo Town USA! This New York Strip was the big time lunch I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into. We’re on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail, but we’re always looking for any kind of cuts that’re ready to to join in. Loaded hash browns alert! One of the foundations to the Western Iowa food pyramid.
It’s always Philly somewhere! Cheesy chopped steak with peppers and onions on a fresh roll never gets tiresome during our travels. Beefy and juicy while served steaming hot off the grill!

You don’t need to book a flight to Australia to see Sidney. Just head to Southwest Iowa and keep the passport at home. This county seat is in one of the most scenic areas of Iowa and worth the trip anytime of year. See you on the Loess Hill National Scenic Byway for a steak, my friends! Click on the video below to get another look at New York in Sidney….Iowa…

A steak supper for lunch in SW-Iowa!

We’ve already mentioned the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway so let’s give you a little sample of what this county has to offer when it comes to Western Iowa majesty. If you’re looking for a perfect launchpad to start your exploring in this region, then Fremont County is a great place to make it happen.

You’ll see these signs from Hamburg to Akron and I’m not talking about Germany or Ohio. The southern tip of the Loess Hills is near the town of Hamburg in the southwest corner of Iowa. A memorable starting point when you want to experience the entire byway!

Roadside America

Hamburg is where you’ll locate the Fremont County Freedom Rock with its own uniqueness.
People have traveled all throughout Iowa in search of these boulders, and this one in Hamburg has an interpretive case that illustrates the short history of each veteran depicted on the Fremont County Freedom Rock.
Overlooking the Freedom Rock is a wooden carving that adds to this patriotic park in Hamburg, Iowa. A wonderful way to start a road trip!

Into the Hills

This summer we took one of America’s greatest scenic byway road trips anyone can experience, and it was right here in Western Iowa. This is a sample of where we started, and you’ll see more down the road as we highlight all seven counties on the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway!

Up the trail and to a powerful overlook at Waubonsie State Park near Hamburg. My second time here and it was just as spectacular.
This overlook is majestic anytime of year. Find your way to Fremont County and see a piece of Iowa that will spark your imagination every time you visit.

Taking on Tabor

Tabor is a town directly on the county line and it’s home to some entertaining and delicious breaks during a scenic byway getaway. The scenery is what pulls you into the Loess Hills, but the towns along the way provide a lot of memorable stops to make your road trip even better. Especially when you sit down for a delicious made from scratch meal at Yeya’s Scratch Kitchen!

Directly on Main Street-Tabor and soaking in the Loess Hills horizons while you enjoy a made from scratch meal!
It’s always a good time of year for homemade mashed potatoes, but the cooler moths seem to make it hit just right. I think I may need to go back to Yeya’s for this plate of taters, gravy, onions, mushrooms, and juicy hamburger steak! Don’t forget the fluffy biscuit, y’all….
Stick to your ribs flavors in Tabor, Iowa!

How about some dessert and a coffee when you’re done with some ultimate stick to your ribs meal in Tabor! Take a short walk down the street because you’ll always have room for something at Shakey Grounds!

Chug-a-lug on Main Street-Tabor!
Look at the size of that sweet treat from Shakey Grounds! Freshly made waffle cone filled with absolute bliss and a lot of it! It’s creamy, crunchy, nutty, chocolaty, rich and comes with cookies! I could go on if you’d like…
The fabulous staff that brought it all together! From the coffee to the ice cream and a few laughs to go with all of it!

You can see why we love the Loess Hills and this was just a small sample from one of 7 counties on this scenic byway throughout Iowa’s far western boarder. I’ll travel for made from scratch mashed potatoes, juicy steaks, huge ice cream portions and beautiful overlooks all yearlong. Wait until we show you the rest of our road trip throughout the Loess Hills so stay tuned!

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It’s a long and beautiful drive through these 7 wonderful counties on the Loess Bills National Scenic Byway!

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