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It’s a Wonderful Ribeye Night in Crawford County: Lincoln, Donna Reed & a Pinch of Nebraska in Denison, Iowa

*America’s Lincoln Highway has a long and historic stretch through the entire length of a Iowa. Denison is one of the important hubs on this national path that goes coast to coast, and you’ll experience some beautiful Western Iowa countryside when you keep to the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway. Our trip to Crawford County was funded and sponsored by the Western Iowa Tourism Region. Some of the goods, services and meals were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

You don’t have to tell road trip legend George A Wyman how important Denison, Iowa is. He was the first to cross the US on a motorcycle, back in 1903 ,with this Western Iowa community being a waypoint during his journey.

Crawford County, Iowa

Here we come again, Denison! Our latest trip to Crawford County brought us to more restaurants, events, hillsides, overlooks, and locals we had yet to see. Denison has been a part of our travels since 2017 and we have no intention of slowing down our regular gallivants to the area. Let get after it!


I tell folks all the time how excited travelers get when there’s a local coffee shop brewing up the gourmet joe we crave. The Bake Shop & Café is in the heart of Uptown Denison with talented baristas and supremely yummy cookies that I’m holding up. Yes, I shared these! No, not my coffee! Are you crazy???

Let’s Go Shopping

Inside Broadway & Main are fashionable boutiques that keep the Denison locals and curious out-of-towners looking stylish.
A little denim here with a blouse there, a sundress there then a touch of “wow, you look fabulous” to bring it all together. Way to go, Uptown Denison!
There’s tons of selections here, shoppers! Take note, everyone because Broadway & Main will come in useful for the holiday season coming up. Road trip for shopping? Heck, yea because there’s communities like Denison that can make it enjoyable with the rest of what this city offers!
Get to Broadway & Main and see what seasonal styles these shops are displaying in Denison!
Generations have been getting measured and suited up at Reynold’s Clothing! Another Uptown Denison clothier that’s knows how to make their regular and new customers look good!
A large inventory all year long at Reynold’s! Yours truly picked up a new shirt from here and I’ve been rocking it for weeks!
Uptown Denison could be supplying you with some seriously decorative ideas for home decor at The Cottage!
Upstairs and downstairs, there’s a ton to choose from. Even children’s toys for those little darlings and spice rubs for those steaks you’re going to be grilling up!

Festival Time

I was just taking it easy, while cruising around Denison, when something at Washington Park caught my eye. A big something! It was a collection of several cultures during a delicious community event and I knew I was going to stay occupied….

Carne Asada tacos are some of my favorite tacos on planet Earth! Scooped up hot and juicy into a tandem of soft corn tortillas and topped with fresh white onions, cilantro and spicy green salsa. Don’t forget to squirt some fresh lime juice on those authentic beauties!
Walking through Washington Park and watching the crowd get larger. Live music, dancing, colorful outfits and flags that represent the many nationalities that call Denison home.
Does this look a little messy? I don’t care because it’s a traditional pupusa! How do I explain this culinary delight? It’s like a quesadilla and pita bread had a baby and out came a pupusa. Griddled with cheese and stuffed with your choice of ingredients like fresh veggies and pork. Topped with a tangy slaw with a perfect tomato sauce. Trust me…Pupusas are your friend!
The most perfect moment you can discover when you’re food truck hopping. Rotating meat over a hot grill!
The proud individual from above was serving authentic Birria tacos which are some of the most popular of their kind. Slow cooked beef inside corn tortillas that were dunked inside a rich Birria sauce and quickly grilled to give them a tantalizing crisp. Absolute artwork….

Let’s Eat Steak

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love the word “lounge”. Which means I love Denison’s Prime Times Lounge that much more! A Western Iowa crew for the ages was awaiting our arrival and they couldn’t wait to get this beloved lounge on The T-Bone Trail!

The regulars were ready for this night on The T-Bone Trail at Prime Times Lounge! Raise your hands if you like cold beer and thick steaks!
The Von Glans joined me for this entertaining Denison steak supper with the local masses at Prime Times. They’re raising cattle near the town of Vail and finding time to gallivant with me in Crawford County! This wasn’t the only time we met up with these fun loving folks….
We might be on a beefy promo, but we’re not shying away from the deep fried masterpieces that restaurants are featuring. Prime Times has some down right amazing breaded chicken gizzards and they’re some of the best you’re going to find in Iowa!
Ribeye, cheesy hash browns, toasted bread and a room full of folks that just want to have a great time. That’s why we love Western Iowa! Click on the video below and see who we met at Prime Times! You’ll want to hire the cook for your next BBQ…..
I love it when a Denison Prime Times party comes together!

The Von Glan family joined me for supper and they also welcomed me at their Crawford County Farm. Into the truck we went and through the pastures while I listened to the history of their family business. It’s called The T-Bone Trail for a reason, so let’s get out to rural Iowa and feature another hardworking crew that helps to make the beef industry motor-on in this state. There’s always a lot to do during our gallivants, but the times I get to spend at the farms will always be greatly appreciated and I wish I could stay longer. There’s always a great story with every family and plenty of laughter to go a long with our visits. The Von Glans are serious about their cattle and they know how to host an out-of-towner with plenty of their good humor to go along with the acres of beautiful farmland all around us.

An array of cows under the Vail, Iowa skies in the Von Glan Cattle Company pastures. Click on the video below and meet who’s heading this operation!


I have many bucket lists going, and one of them was going to get some attention in Denison. One of those lists is staying in the same rooms that celebrities and historical figures occupied, and a Hollywood legend has a suite named after her. The Lincoln Highway buffs know where this is going because I’m talking about the historic Park Motel!

The birthplace of Donna Reed is Denison, Iowa and she needed a place of lodging when she’d visit. A Lincoln Highway landmark is where I checked into…
There’s very few cross country road trip stories that don’t include a stop at a classic Americana motel. The Park is one of those historical motels that’s been welcoming travelers for generations. 803 4th Ave South in Denison. 712-263-4144
The Donna Reed Suite was ready for my night in Denison!
It’s a wonderful life in Western Iowa and Denison! The Donna Reed Suite wasn’t without the promotional decor!
Everything I want because I don’t need much when I travel. Clear TV, comfortable bed and furniture, clean room and Donna Reed memorabilia all around me! The bucket list gets another official checkmark!
Looking for those Lincoln Highway markers? You’ll find them at the historic Park Motel in Denison!


Near Dow City is an old cemetery called Buck Grove that’s very much off the beaten path and that’s why I was so excited to discover it. Up a steep hill from a rural gravel road is where you’ll find this scenic patch of prairie, and it’s home to more than an old cemetery. Buck Grove is also the location of one of the most beautiful overlooks I’ve seen in all of Iowa.
This view of Crawford County farmland was breathtaking. This sunset near Dow City was incredible and there was even more to Buck Gove. Click on the video below for snack time!
Getting my vitamins in rural Crawford County!

Bonus Beef

One of the guarantees I can say about Denison is that you’re going to find plenty of Mexican food havens. La Cantina is another uptown business that’s cooking some of the greatest culinary creations known to man. I’ll give you a hint…There’s tortillas evolved….
More tacos and more of the beefy Carne Asada that I can work with all day! Authentic flavors can be found all over this Crawford County seat!
Krazy Delights on Main Street is showcasing a menu that’s going all over the spectrum! Ice cream, smoothies, Mexican food….I mean, do I need say more?
Huarache time! A crispy flatbread topped with beans, lettuce, avocado, sour cream Pico de Gallo and your choice meat. I’ll give you one good guess on what I ordered on mine. Click on the video below and see what it was!
An open faced meal that’s ready for the attack!
One last sandwich for the road. One of my all time favorite Western Iowa burger comes from the Denison Dairy Queen, and I never leave town without it. You see, this Dairy Queen doesn’t have the same menu you see at all the DQ franchises. This location has been around for a long time and they’ve been able to add some of their own delights throughout the years. My go-to is the breaded and fried hamburger patty on a bun known as the Nebraskaland! Yup, Nebraska makes it on The Iowa Gallivant again and I hope this burger makes it on your road trip through Denison, too!

There’s always a new crowd to have Ribeyes and beers with, and Denison’s was by far the liveliest one we had on season 2 of The T-Bone Trail. They packed the place because they love the establishment and the folks who operate it. I couldn’t wait to discover more of the areas delicious tacos and I was able to add more authentic mouthfuls like papusas at the same time. All this while getting a tour from of the Von Glan family farm with the Crawford County horizons joining us the whole time. Another delicious and welcoming Gallivant to Denison!

Make your reservations for The Park Motel by calling 712-263-4144

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I’d like to thank everyone at the Chamber & Development Council of Crawford County for helping us coordinate this trip. It was great to be back!

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