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Blue Horizons, Gourmet Dinner & Taco Pizza Tuesday in Algona, Iowa

*Find a map of Iowa and it won’t be hard to locate Kossuth County! The large rectangle, in NW-Iowa, is where you’ll find Algona with it’s many businesses and restaurants! Our trip to Kossuth County was funded and sponsored by the Western Iowa Tourism region. Some of the services, goods and meals were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

State Street-Algona, Iowa! A busy business district that’s loaded with opportunities that can keep you entertained during a Northwest Iowa getaway!

Kossuth County, Iowa

A stunning summer day in Algona! You’ll be seeing what this area can reveal beneath the immaculate skies in the pictures as you scroll through our blog post. It was our third Gallivant to Algona and the unbelievable Northwest Iowa horizons helped to create an unforgettable trip to Kossuth County. We should grab a bite first because I’m craving a big time breakfast!

Breakfast Time

AK’s Chrome Kitchen is where we landed for a first thing in the morning meal I can’t wait to have when we’re traveling. It was a spontaneous decision because it wasn’t on our original Algona radar. It was when we saw the enthusiasm that AK’s had for our social media posts, about other area businesses, that inspired this fill up!
The chrome deluxe! This omelet is an eggy masterpiece at AK’s. Diced ham, cheese, onions, green peppers and hash browns are stuffed inside and then topped with more cheese! And look at that buttered toast….Oh, that looks yummy!
Thick cut slices of French toast with plenty of butter once again. Keep up that habit, AK’s!
Maybe it was the lighting, but this omelet seemed to create its own brand of morning sunshine at AK’s Chrome Kitchen!

Let’s Go Shopping

State Street-Algona is a popular business district in Western Iowa. Historic buildings, longtime family owned businesses and a handful of places that opened up. since our original visit, were ready for anyone to come waltzing in.

I was glad to see these folks when we arrived to State Street! Feed Mill Coffee Co has been our Algona go-to for a refreshing cups of joe on more than one occasion!
Have you ever planned a road trip around your pets? You may want to think about doing that because they love to shop, too. Let’s just say that Algona’s Pet Kingdom is more than pet friendly and they’re going to love what they find here! Click on the video below and see the multiple levels of this amazing pet store and groomer!
Meow, bark, tweet and slither your way through Pet Kingdom!


There’s a lot of great choices of restaurants to choose from when you’re shopping up and down State Street in Algona. We’ve been to many of them and this time we received a memorable slice of Kossuth County at a popular pizza joint the locals adore!

A State Street pizza staple in Algona! It was taco time at Premier Pizza for some bonus Beef coverage on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!
The Iowa tradition that is taco pizza! Ground beef, zesty pizza sauce, melted mozzarella, fresh lettuce, shredded cheddar, tomatoes and crunchy chips! I helped myself to a healthy dose of hot sauce that I swirled over the top. I like it spicy! Click on the video below and get a close up of this flavorful taco pizza!
Taco Tuesday was meant for pizza, too!
Gigi went with the classic cheese bread that took a swim in that rich tomato sauce!
What a great Premier Pizza team! Thanks for a fantastic lunch!

Stay Active

Iowa’s state parks are always a good idea for scenic a hike into the local woods. Ambrose A. Call SP is a short drive from anywhere in Algona with its trails, NW-Iowa beauty, camping, disc golf course and more. Let’s find some shade and enjoy Kossuth’s nature walks!

Dense woodlands stretch throughout Call SP where it’s easy to stay active and walk miles of trails.
Into the trees and the wilderness that Algona proudly hosts.
You’ll experience local history at this state park as well. Zahlten Cabin still braving the elements and passing years at Call.
Another short drive from Algona is Smith Lake Park with more of the areas walking trails and picturesque views of Kossuth County.
Plenty of trees all over the area from timbers, forests and a garden of them at Smith Lake.
Water’s Edge Nature Center sits on the edge of Smith Lake and you can see how amazing the view is here. Absolutely incredible.
Inside are the natural history exhibits of Kossuth County. These buildings can always supply an interesting look at the local wonders and provide a break from the sun on a hot day. I find myself enjoying these places as much as the kids do.
Around Smith Lake we go! More trails and bridges to cross in Algona!

There’s always going to be legends in every sport. We strive to someday be known for one of the greats in the field of competition. However, Team Goodvin still needs a lot of practice. Our professional put-put dreams will go through Algona!

Caddyshack Miniature Golf is located directly by the Algona public pool with its course ready to challenge all!
We’re both playing for bragging rights, but we’ll stop for a pic by pretty flowers, too.
A true warrior of the put-put nation!


Directly on HWY 18 is the Brookstone Lodge & Suites with its much appreciated accommodations after a day of exploring in Algona. 1909 US-18 515-200-0030
The colorful lobby of Algona’s Brookstone is always a delightful site when you check into to this modern hotel.
The room was inviting and clean with more of the Brookstone’s eye popping design. This was my second time staying here and I knew our room and the entire lodge would be a pleasant way to spend a night in Algona.
You bet I’m happy! Relaxation is about to commence with remote control in hand!
Brookstone Lodge & Suites prepares a complimentary breakfast to start your day. Always a valuable perk for traveling families looking for an easy way to start the mornings.

About four years had gone by since our first stay at Brookstone Lodge & Suites and it still had a new look to it. Brightly colored design with comfortable furniture inside the room and lobby were giving off the inviting vibes. The staff checked us in quickly and were very friendly the entire time. It was great to be back at the Brookstone Lodge & Suites in Algona!

Let’s Eat Steak

The stunningly beautiful day kept going and into the evening and The Algona Country Club was a popular destination because of its new restaurant known as Willie D’s!

It seemed like the landscapes were calling for a picture everywhere we went in Algona on this day. Willie D’s was a magnate for sunshine! 400 County Club Road
If you like onion rings then you’ll love this Willie D’s appetizer and their take on a fried onion classic! Bite sized and ready to go dipping!
A velvety tomato cream soup was the next course and it was amazing. Rich, flavorful and just a perfect opening act to my entrée.
Wonderfully seasoned Ribeye that was beautifully tender. It felt even better to enjoy it on the Algona Country Club’s patio under that incredible sky.
One of sides was au gratin tortellini pasta. Cheesy and adding a hearty touch to a great Ribeye. Click on the video below and see this steak with a scenic Western Iowa golf course in the backdrop!
A hole in one at Willie D’s!
Cancel all my plans next time I’m in Algona. I’m hitting the links all day!

Movie Night

Back to State Street! Algona’s entertaining ways went into to the night at the State 5 Theatre!
We always save room for a big bucket of popcorn! This was an excellent way to put a close to a Gallivant in Algona. Great work from breakfast to snack time at the movies, everyone!

That was another fantastic day in Kossuth County with the weather and horizons helping out with all our stops around the area. You did a phenomenal job all around, Algona. From the put-put course to the country club, from omelet to ribeye and everything in between!

Book your reservations for Brookstone Lodge & Suites on their website.

Thank you to everyone at the Algona Area Chamber of Commerce for all you did with hosting us and coordinating our trip to Kossuth County!
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Well, Louis Sullivan…Your talents are still on display and still looking exquisite in Algona!

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