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Shifting Into Cass County, Iowa Where the Redwood Marks the Steak Spot

*The beef filled good vibes never stop on the T-Bone Trail when you’re in Cass County! From the Coca-Cola Capital of Iowa to White Pole Road and so much in between on this Gallivant back to these communities! Our visit to Cass County was sponsored and funded by the Western Iowa Tourism Region. Some of the meals, services and goods were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Don’t forget to head down Atlantic’s historic Chestnut Street to CoffeeGirl to coffee-up your day in Cass County! We all did and you can, too!

Cass County, Iowa

Getting back to Cass County always brings back a nostalgic feeling for me. It’s where our TIG adventures begin in 2014 and I think about that trip every time we return. Massena was the first community ever referenced on The Iowa Gallivant so it’s fitting to begin this 2022 trip on its beautiful Main Street!

Breakfast Time

Main Street Bar & Grill for a hot breakfast the locals assured me I would get! Just roll in and onto Main Street and you’ll notice these red bricks right away. And here’s a tip….I’ve had incredibly good luck with restaurants that have “Main Street” in the name!
The locals were more than right about the hot breakfast at Main Street Bar & Grill. The biscuits and gravy had a pleasant steam rising from the plate when they were served. I love it when the beer neon signs show their reflections on pictures first thing in the morning! Click on the video below and get a fantastic look at Main Street-Massena
Main and street might be my two favorite words.

Throw a Party in Cass County

Shift ATL is an organization that’s dedicated to developing Atlantic, and they’re making a whole-lotta positive strides when it comes to showcasing their piece of Western Iowa. They can lead anyone in the right direction who’s looking for a new home, a place to open a business, and even when you’re looking for a sweet party pad!

The Telegraph Building is one of Shift ATL’s projects, and this energetic group of locals loves the word “entrepreneur”. Fancy yourself a business-type? Then you better get a hold of these folks on the regular and get to work in Atlantic, Iowa! I’m thinking a brewery would be something I could see happening here….Mmmmmmm…beeeeeer….
Shift ATL has its own swag! An economic development crew with style!
The historic building, that Shift ATL was showing off, was going through quite the renovation on the first floor. However, the top floor is completely remodeled with beautiful modernization in every square foot. Located at East 14th Street just steps from Chestnut Street.
Yes, you can plan quite the Cass Co gathering when you’re in Atlantic! Just imagine all the great food and drinks getting served from this state of the art kitchen. Click here to see more details about the Telegraph Building and make your reservations through Airbnb!
Bluebird Hill is this area’s premier event venue! This is for when you want to throw a big party in Atlantic!

Rising up from the surrounding Atlantic farmland is a brand new venue that can host a memorable gathering on an epic level in Western Iowa. Weddings, shows, reunions, banquets, team builds, conferences….Well, anything you can think of that requires a bunch of fun loving guests that get a kick out of a stunning rural setting. That’s Bluebird Hill, folks!

Bring in the speakers, streamers, tables, chairs, bottles and cans! Good times are ready to be had in Atlantic! Just remember to invite your buddy JayJay from The Iowa Gallivant!
The architecture and design is something to behold at Bluebird Hill. Click here and check out their website for more details and get your event booked!
Kimberly is one of the proudest business owners you’re going to meet in Cass County. She showed us around the beloved Bluebird Hill property and I can assure all of you that this will be one of the most modern and scenic venues you’ll find anywhere in Western Iowa and beyond.
Now, that’s what I like to see from a backyard view in Cass County! Bluebird Hill, you have it going ON!

Stay Active

Just outside of Atlantic is this patch of timber that’s providing a quiet nature walk for anyone looking for a pleasant and easy going hike.
Our wonderful state preserves are for the public to enjoy and utilize with respect with all their natural wonders. I suggest taking advantage of these areas whenever possible because you never know when you might find another way to love your Iowa road trips.
The preserve is plush and with many markers along the nature trail to give hikers some Cass Co education along the way.
Just down the road from the Rock Island Inn & Suites is Atlantic’s Sunny Side Putt-Em-Up! Book your room and get the family over here for a competitive round of put-put golf!
Test your putting skills then start driving. You need the practice and you know it!
Schildberg Rec Area is a perfect way to hit the biking/walking trail while enjoying a Western Iowa sunset in Atlantic.

Cass County History

The Cass County Historical Museum is located in the town of Griswold, and right by Dusty’s Place which is an excellent restaurant I might add. That’s right, travelers….Get a cheeseburger and view some local history when you’re in Griswold, Iowa!

Not a better message than that when you walk into a museum of any size.
I seek Native American history every time I enter a county museum. There has never been a time I’ve been disappointed, and this trip to Griswold brought out more of these fascinating exhibits.
Figurines, pottery, artwork, clothing and so many native artifacts can be found at the Cass County Historical Museum.
Impressive bead working and traditional blankets bring a priceless light to this collection.
The late Wayne Kirchhoff was a talented local that had a passion for creating models like this. The Cass County Historical Museum houses some of his most impressive works that will be sure to spark you imagination. There’s also a patch of his roadside attractions that are nearby called, Wayne’s World, and you’re free to stop by and check’em out during your road trip.
Originally setup in Atlantic, these shoeshine chairs saw a lot of customers.

Let’s East Steak

The old school supper clubs of the Midwest are still alive in certain areas, and you can locate one of Iowa’s in Anita! The Redwood Steakhouse is exactly what you want in a classic supper club with its nostalgic ambiance. We’d also like to thank the Cass County Cattlemen for being an official meal sponsor for us during this trip! Pick up one of their Beef Passports at participating restaurants, and tour Cass County with each delicious destination!

Your White Pole Road Scenic Byway cruise could lead you right to this iconic Western Iowa steakhouse in Anita! 1807 White Pole Road
My good friend in Iowa City told that I can’t leave The Redwood without a basket of their signature onion rings. That’s a piece of advice I never turn down! House made, light and oh-so crunchy!
The classic supper club relish tray! Fresh veggies, cheese, dips, pickles, grapes and more making a fresh impression to the start of our meals!
If you love bread then you’ll be excited to see this basket arrive at your table at The Redwood Steakhouse.
Meat and potatoes! A tender and juicy ribeye coming in with cheesy hash browns in Anita, Iowa! I love how the juices are collected by the crispy hash browns giving me a taste of steak with every bite I take! Watch the video bellow to see another glimpse of The Redwood Steakhouse in Anita, Iowa!
Supper with Cass County royalty in Anita!
Thanks for joining us for a steak supper, CeCe! Keep up the great work in Cass County and wherever those Western Iowa winds take you. I know you’ll be representing your community in wonderful and hardworking way!

Back to Atlantic to take care of some Mexican food cravings I recently started having. By the way…..Those are a near daily occurrence for this guy. Rancho Grande for another round of steak!

Directly on 7th Street in Atlantic, and just down the road from the Rock Island Inn & Suites where I was staying. That’s a very comforting feeling when I know I can mosey on over to a nearby Mexican restaurant when I’m on the road!
Rancho Grande smothers their tender steaks with rich chili sauce and melted cheese while serving them with piping hot refried beans, fluffy rice and the edible bowl of guacamole, Pico de Gallo, sour cream and wait for it……More cheese!


You’ve been hearing about it and here it is! Rock Island Inn & Suites in Atlantic! 1702 SW 7th Street 712-243-1600

Near the golf course is this modern hotel with pleasantly comfortable accommodations. Not too far from everywhere else in Atlantic, and it was just what I needed in Cass County! A day of Gallivanting is always rewarding, but it’s just as rewarding when I’m able to relax in delightful hotels like this one.

I’ll see you at breakfast time tomorrow, lovely lobby!
Great style and comfy beds to go with that flat screen TV! You already know me so well, Rock Island Inn & Suites!
I told you I liked my room! That’s a TV show about the beef industry! How fitting for this chapter on the T-Bone Trail….
I’ve spent a lot of time on the road and I know how to make a great sandwich in the morning. The complimentary breakfast at the Rock Island Inn & Suites was rocking!

The staff got me right into my room, when I checked in, and provided another enjoyable welcoming to Cass County. Everything was tidy with a lot of detail put into the overall experience of the hotel. Clean room, hot shower, and hearty breakfast with a lot of their helpful staff greeting me as we crossed paths. Thank you, Rock Island Inn & Suites!

Off the Beaten Path Shopping

The main business districts of any town are usually where our minds will go when it comes to getting some shopping done. However, there’s some talented folks that are running some well-known businesses from their farms and it’s not all livestock. Click on the video below and see what’s happening at Dirt Road Candle Co in Lewis, Iowa!

Now, that’s a good whiff of something at the farm!
I don’t care who you are, there’s a fragrance for anyone here at Dirt Road Candle Co!
There’s a lot that goes into making these products and they do their best to support Iowa based businesses with everything they create at Dirt Road Candle Co. That’s a concept we can all appreciate! Click here and start ordering these candles online!
Rolling Acres Farm is located 59624 Chicago Road and just outside of Atlantic. They grow it organic out here and they can’t wait to see you stop by!
There was a lot of variety on display and anyone who likes to get a little dirty will find something to take home at Rolling Acres Farm!
From the colorful and decorative to plant varieties we fill our salad bowls and favorite culinary delights with…Just get over here and start loading up your car!
This row of basil called to me at Rolling Acres Farm. It was saying, pesto! Pizza! Spaghetti! Fancy lemonade! Just take me home! Click here and order their plants online!

Bonus Beef

There’s something utterly delicious in Atlantic, Iowa. It’s aplace that specializes in ice cream and the classic food that goes perfectly with it. I’m talking about Udderly Delicious and lunch with the Mullers and company! Time for an unforgettable sandwich packed with beef that was raised just 14 miles away and brought to Atlantic from Noble Provisions!

Located on Walnut Street-Atlantic and they’re pumping out the ice cream inspired good times like they always do at Udderly Delicious!
I showed up for their beefy Tavern sandwich on this day in Atlantic. A loose meat sandwich that Western Iowa folks know very well. A little saucy and wonderfully flavorful at Udderly Delicious!
It’s a meal the whole family will enjoy! Click on the video below and see how I gave the entire table an important potato chip tutorial…
I was so glad to be having my lunchbreak with this awesome family!
Two gleeful gallivant’ers, right there. Pretty easy to produce these smiles when you have Taverns and milk shakes at Udderly Delicious in Atlantic!

Remember that part about Dirt Road Cattle Co? Great folks, right! Creating fresh smelling candles isn’t the only talent this family has. The Euken-Meyers family are longtime farmers in Cass County, and they gave me the cattle filled tour of their land in Cass County!

New best friend achieved in Lewis, Iowa! I will take a business trip with a corgi any day. Look at that smile!
Another endless Western Iowa horizon on the T-Bone Trail. This family possesses some spectacular pastures where I could have spent all day walking through while taking countless pictures. Click on the video below and meet the main man of the operation!
Thank you, Mr. Euken! Those windy days won’t keep us away from the cows!

I’ve made a lot of great memories and met a lot of great people during our gallivants to Cass County over the years. Kenner Baxter was my trusty sidekick throughout this expedition and coordinated most of my day throughout Cass County. She did a heck of a job and I thank her for showing me more of the people and places I had yet to meet and experience. The rolling blacktops of this area are some of me favorite in the state, and they showed me over and over what they can produce when it comes to a memorable road trip through the county where The Iowa Gallivant began. See you again, Cass County!

Make your reservations for the Rock Island Inn & Suites on their website.

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Let’s just say that Atlantic has plenty of “Elbow Room”! You had me at cold beer and old school shuffleboard table….

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