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Fireside Steakhouse & Lounge in Anthon, IA (Woodbury Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Anthon is a small town in a huge Western Iowa county and they have a very well known steakhouse that folks have come to love year after year. Our meal at the Fireside was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Stars and cattle! I must be in Woodbury County at the Fireside Steakhouse & Lounge in Anthon and loving it! 121 East Main Street

Anthon, Iowa: Woodbury County

There’s gonna be a day when you’re driving through NW-Iowa and possibly have your destination set on Sioux City, Spencer, Storm Lake, Okoboji, and more of the great communities in the area. Let me give you another idea. Weave in an out of the small towns that Western Iowa treasures and make one of them Main Street-Anthon with a delicious visit at the Fireside Steakhouse & Lounge!

We walked in and were met by enthusiastic locals and a very well stocked and very fresh salad bar. Cheese spread, diced ham, pickled herring, homemade salads and dressings, tons of beautiful veggies, hot soup, and a lot more to get that salad course heaped onto a plate that begs everyone to add just a little more with every shuffle you take towards the next spoon and ladle.
Did you think the salad bar is where we left off before our entrees hit the table? No way! How about the Prime Dipper for an appetizer! Slow cooked Prime Rib tips in a rich and creamy sauce to add to your Fireside night. Take each bite with the Fireside’s potatoes that’re cut special for this appetizer. Crisp around the edges while being soft and piping hot in the middle. Fireside figured out how to make a potato chip and French fry in each bite and they’re perfect for this beefy dish.

You’ll find that Anthon and Woodbury County will be loaded with great people who love to showcase their local businesses. We sat down with a crew from all over the area and everyone had a mutual respect for the Fireside Steakhouse. Let’s get to those entrees….

Steak tips a-plenty when you land in Anthon. And look at that helping of freshly cooked broccoli! Get your vitamins and fiber when you enjoy steaks at Fireside!
Fireside has a skilled kitchen staff that can work a charbroiler like pros. Look at those perfect grill marks on a wonderful sirloin! Crispy sweet potato fries making a tasty appearance.
There’s a lot of beef going on but it’s not all steaks! Think about getting yourself a classic Reuben sandwich during your Anthon experience!
My plate was presented with this masterpiece. Fireside’s Prime Rib is a popular selection and people were telling me to order this slice of slow cooked majesty before we ever showed up. This cut of Prime Rib lived up to the hype and I took full advantage of the au jus and mashed potato triple-combo greatness during this supper!
Do you see this?????? It’s the Tomahawk Ribeye and it’s way bigger than it looks in this picture. Click on the video below and see just how unbelievable this Fireside Steakhouse cut is!
YuP! We ate that baby as an appetizer!
Hey, look! Katie has some handmade candles ready to go when you show up in Anthon! She’s a local entrepreneur and very excited to see all the visitors to Anthon. Another amazing local ambassador we met during our Gallivant to Woodbury County!
Katie & Co. has a fully furnished, modern, and stunning loft ready for the Woodbury County visitors and travelers. A cozy loft and steakhouse with small town retailers that are all within walking distance. That’s enough for me to plan an Anthon getaway right there!

You can have a great time throughout the entire county and complete your getaway in Anthon with an incredible meal and night in a lovely guest loft a block from that big supper you just had. We all need a relaxing way to road trip, and this Anthon style of entertaining can host all of us during a casual retreat to NW-Iowa. Get your plans set and let this region open up to you from there!

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