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Pizza King in Council Bluffs, Iowa (Pottawattamie County): T-Bone Trail-Western Iowa

*We’re hitting up some delicious restaurants on the inaugural T-Bone Trail here in Western Iowa! Council Bluffs has its share of classic family owned businesses and we had the honor to experience a great one. Our meal at Pizza King was complimentary and the views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

I called in some of my own family members to tackle the menu at this iconic Council Bluffs family restaurant. Best to have reinforcements when we’re beefing up our travels! 1101 North Broadway

Council Bluffs, IA: Pottawattamie County

We’ve seen much of Council Bluffs in other Gallivants, and I was excited to be making a trip back to one of the most popular restaurants here in this metro area. 2021 has been filled with return Gallivants and reconnecting with family and folks we met in travels past. My family members Max and Dorothy of Council Bluffs joined me at Pizza King, and it was a fitting way to have a steak supper back here in Pottawattamie County. A family owned and operated restaurant enjoyed with family I hadn’t seen in far too long. This place may have pizza in its name, but the king of Council Bluffs has a lot more to offer!

You’ll always have my heart when you automatically add a side of Blue cheese crumbles to my salad after I request Blue cheese dressing. That’s one heck of a way to start a night at Pizza King!

The T-Bone Trail had it’s first actual T-Bone featured during our Western Iowa promotion of this wonderful beef-filled region. The dining room was packed and the staff was getting plenty of orders to the kitchen very quickly. I could tell that most of the tables were filled with locals and families that frequent Pizza King by the way they ordered and spoke fondly of the food and staff.

Served hot and perfectly seasoned. One beautiful T-Bone steak that was sizzling in the kitchen just moments before meeting my fork and knife. Served with a huge baked potato and Pizza King’s popular side of pasta.

It was shortly after my first few bites when I met one of the Pizza King’s own family members asking how our meals were going. I always look forward to these moments of appreciation because I know how proud they are of the establishment they’ve been running for many years. The steak came out just right and very flavorful. The great thing about T-Bones is you get two courses in one steak. The wonderful New York Strip on one side and the lean Tenderloin on the other. Now that’s a steak supper! This wasn’t the only beefy meal that hit our table….

The classic hot beef sandwich! Max and Dorothy got two plates of juicy Roast Beef, mashed potatoes, and plenty of rich gravy over their soft bread. This is always a good choice in Pizza King!

Steak, roast beef, fresh salads, potatoes, and pasta! That’s a magnificent way to spend an evening in Council Bluffs. Iowa Beef all around! Just look at the video below and get another look at our Pizza King meals!

Let’s dig in, Max!
Just when you think the meal is done…..BOOM! Pizza King comes in with a huge plate of Tiramisu for dessert!

I could see why Pizza King was so popular here in Council Bluffs. Just before we left, another one of the Poulos family members approached me and shook my hand. The night was busy and getting busier. The gesture meant a lot to me and mean that. I know every moment in a restaurant that’s going through a slammin’ Friday night is a precious one. To wish us a great night and thank us on our way out was the perfect capper to the time I had at Pizza King. Thank you to the entire crew here. I look forward to more decades of your amazing atmosphere and wonderful food in Council Bluffs. Your family made mine very happy!

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