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Staying With Cass County’s Inn Crowd: Atlantic Inn & Suites

*The Coca-Cola Capital of Iowa has been one heck of a destination for us over the past couple years. We manage to reconnect with someone every time we show up and our last visit was no exception. Our stay at the Atlantic Inn & Suites was complimentary and the views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s gallivant!

Atlantic, IA: Cass County

Staying outdoors all day makes an inviting room that much sweater. Gallivanting the long trails around Lake Anita, Cold Springs State Park, nature trail at the Hitchcock House, and all around exploring in the Cass County countryside is just what we needed. But we also needed a comfortable abode when it was time to take a break. Atlantic Inn & Suites satisfied that craving when we made it back to town. A short drive to the Council Bluffs/Omaha area and not too far from oodles of Western Iowa’s wonders, communities, parks, and beauty is this longtime friend of Atlantic and its visitors that’s ready for your reservation!

The first thing I did after opening the door to my room. That landing was about and 8 out of 10. I could have gotten the right foot up on the mattress a little better. Pretty good form though.

That was me after many miles on foot in Cass County. And it was a stunning day to be outside. We’re working on getting more active here in 2021 which means quality lodging is going to play an important role. That’s exactly what we got here at Atlantic Inn & Suites!

Shift ATL was part of the welcoming we received in Atlantic upon checking in. A nonprofit organization that’s committed to strengthening the local economic development. And they gave us some of their souvenirs so that would could help Make Shift Happen!
Now hold on! Atlantic does what for Christmas? I love shiny things and trees filled with lights! Can we come back??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaseeeeee!

We were on a grownup getaway but we knew if we would have brought the kids they would’ve really enjoyed their time at Atlantic Inn & Suites. They have a very inviting atmosphere to get some energy out!

The only place of lodging with an indoor pool in the city of Atlantic. And look at the design! Not only is the pool inviting so is the layout. If I ever built a huge cabin I think I would make the indoor pool look like this!

I’ve mentioned how we seem to bump into folks we’ve met in past visits when we roll into Cass County. It was no different during this trip. From our friends at the Atlantic Area Chamber Commerce to citizens going about their everyday life at work. And here at the Atlantic Inn & Suites!

Hey, look! It’s Debbie and the crew! Debbie made her TIG debut back in 2019 when we came to town for a little RAGBRAI coverage. She witnesses me inhale a cheeseburger and keep some room for homemade Oreo cream pie! Good times…
Before checking out I made sure to flip on the flatscreen TV to my favorite morning talk show! That cucumber seems to be wondering why I’m holding up so much of Cass County’s local cured meats.
Coffee, coffee, coffee. Hot, fresh, and pouring non stop at Atlantic Inn & Suites. Let’s just say I’m always a repeat customer to the breakfast room whenever I’m on a little getaway.
A little routine I have. Watching the morning weather report with my coffee and the locals in the lobby. Need the rain. Yup we do. Not too much though. Yup-not too much. Nice day yesterday. Sure was.

Another great overnight in Atlantic and loop around almost all of Cass County! Two of us staying in a lovely room on what seemed to be a very busy weekend for the Atlantic Inn & Suites. And the staff didn’t miss a beat! They were never too busy to chat, refill the coffee, make the rooms inviting, and pose for a picture! Our room was spacious, clean, and helped us relax after gallivanting from Wiota to Massena, Griswold to Anita, Atlantic to Lewis, and so much more in between. Thanks for helping us enjoy the T-Bone Trial, Atlantic Inn & Suites! Western Iowa is loaded with great folks and you have some great ones there. See you again!

It was no surprise to us when we saw this award sitting proudly on the front desk! Hey, Debbie! Where should we meet next time?

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