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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Protivin

*All the pictures in this blog post were taken in early March and we were honored to be hosted by the great folks at Polashek’s Locker. All the opinions expressed are always of our own. Now, let’s gallivant this locker!

That is just one box load for one very happy customer. It’s also just a sample of all the amazing products you can get Polashek’s Locker Service!

Protivin, IA: Howard County

The grilling season is in full force and our BBQs, smokers, and backyards are getting more millage than ever before. There’s great businesses in every Iowa town and many in some of the smallest communities folks call home. Protivin, IA is in the northeast region and it has a local locker that has served generations of folks that have made it a family staple. Polashek’s Locker is a Main Street anchor and they are prepping for meat loving masses wanting to fill up their grills this holiday season. I must stress that what you’re about to see is just the tip of the meaty ice burg here!

Don’t forget to pick up some the finest summer sausage! We’ll never pass on it when it’s filled with cheese and jalapenos.

We got the big tour and we knew we were going to see a wonderland of what’s created here at Polashek’s. We saw what’s cured, smoked, cut, trimmed, prepped, processed, and much of the interesting techniques that go into what this crew does day after day.

Got Jaternice? Polashek’s has this Czech sausage as one of their many specialties.
That snack you’re craving can always be taken care of with a meaty snack stick. And they’re here by the hundreds!
There’s plenty of reasons to get the smoker revved up in Protivin!

Iowa’s meat lockers are very proud of what they sell and you’ll never get a blank answer when you ask the workers what’s unique in their inventory. Polashek’s has plenty of choices and just about every employee we talked to had their favorite selection and here’s what we discovered! It’s totally okay if you get the meat sweats while reading this….


And here’s what we brought home!

When you tell friends you’re heading to Protivin, you may get a few requests. Are you a bratwurst lover? You found you place. Are you a ring bologna fan? You’re going to your fix here. All your breakfast meals, suppers, lunches, snacks, and gatherings can feature a Polashek’s product that everyone will want extra helpings of. What were some of the things we cooked in our own home? Let me show you!

Say it with me…..BELLY PATTIES!
One of the most epic breakfast sandwiches one can ever make. We have the Polashek’s belly patties to thank for that.

Polashek’s comes up with innovative ways to keep customers talking and one of many is their juicy belly patties. Ground pork bellies with delicious bacon create a wonderful experience coming off your skillet. They’re pre-cooked which means it only takes a few minutes from pan to plate with a juicy-smoky flavor that truly gives you another amazing way to enjoy Iowa pork!

Broccoli and cheese filled bratwurst!

Want to eat more veggies? Then get a package of broccoli and cheese filled brats from Polashek’s! We grilled them up, but had some leftovers which gave us another great meal. Simply slice the brats and add them to a pasta filled casserole that’s filled with more veggies and bubbling with rich cheese.

The classic plate of pancakes gets the maple flavored breakfast sausage partner its always wanted. These have a wonderful flavor and with a snap as you bite into them.

Protivin is proud of their Czech heritage and Polashek’s keeps the old country flavors going everyday. Jaternice is one of their most famous sausages and we highly recommend you give it a shot. Here is one of the many ideas you can enjoy this Czech specialties!

We pan fried the Jaternice with some red onion, green bell peppers, and celery. This sausage cooks up very similar to cored beef hash and can be used in the same way. However, we’re going to layer it with a lot more.
Next up was freshly sliced tomatoes. Getting hungry?
The topping is homemade mashed potatoes and into the oven at 375 degrees for 35 minutes!
Hold on! Don’t forget green beans! (Geez, JayJay…Nice pic of those)

We give you the Czech style shepherds pie! This flavor combo will give you a whole new outlook at a dish you most likely have been using beef for. The Polashek’s fan base has been creating their own Jaternice meals for years and this is just another example of the wide variety of flavors you can find all over Iowa.

I was not leaving without their headcheese. That’s a rule somewhere…..

Iowa’s lockers are more important than ever and they are showing everyone just how easy it is to shop local and support small businesses. We don’t have a day set for our return to Protivin, but I can assure everyone that we will be back someday. We’re bringing a bigger cooler next time!

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