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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing Holstein

Holstein, IA: Ida County

Just look at that famous hot link from Tiefenthaler’s Quality Meats up there. Grilling and campfire season over? Try to tell that to all the people preparing for tailgaters in the final weeks of football season! Those hot links have a very large fan base and they are perfect anytime of year whether they’re sizzling over an outdoor flame or in your skillet on the stove top. We have more of the “wurst” ideas to keep your meals going strong with some help from the folks in Holstein, Iowa! This famous meat haven is on Main Street and just off of Historic US Route 20!

The always versatile skinless bratwurst works in several ways. You’re about to see why!

We love making all sorts of creations with sausages and thinking outside the bun, mustard bottle, and traditional meals. Mushroom and Swiss is commonly known to be on a burger but Tiefenthaler’s gives us the “link” into other ways to enjoy this popular flavor combo. Here’s what we cooked up at home!

The stuffed mushroom getting the brat treatment!

We crumbled up the skinless mushroom and Swiss brats and added a little bacon, chopped celery, onions, garlic and mushroom stems and then sauteed them up in a little butter. Add some sage and a few other herbs and spices with some dried bread crumbs and you have your filling ready for all those mushroom caps. Top with shredded Parmesan cheese and bake at 375 until the cheese has melted then attack! That’s a bratwurst appetizer that can get your whole party talking and sure to get you invited back. True story. Wait….Are they inviting me or just wanting the brat-mushrooms? Who cares!

Bratwurst breakfast has such a ring to it.

They have plenty of flavors when it comes to skinless brats. Pick your pack and don’t forget about the most important meal of the day. We pan fried up the salsa brats and made a round of breakfast tacos with all the delicious ingredients like scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, cheese, fresh salsa, bacon and tortillas. We cooked up a little biscuits and gravy for extra credit.

IMG-3848 (1)
This place has plenty of awards so when John makes a suggestion, I listen. Chili dogs coming in!

Tiefenthaler’s No Mess Chili Dogs were up to bat. This time we’re using them as garnish. You heard that right. Chili dogs as an epic garnish! We made a giant pot of chili and before it was served up we grilled their hot dogs filled with chili and cheese and sliced them up to make a great bowl of chili look perfect!

And there’s still enough room for crackers! Give parsley a break and starting garnishing with sausages!

Our travels have brought us all over Iowa and we’ve had an amazing amount of sausages along the way. Get out to Ida County and see what Northwest Iowa has to offer when it comes to famous quality meats in Holstein. What you saw in this post is just a very small sample of what Tiefenthaler’s has to offer!

IMG-3852 (1)
504 North Main Street in Holstein, Iowa! Your road trip through Ida County can be a meaty one!

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