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99 Counties-99 Proposals: Moment #8 in Pottawattamie County

One of the most geographically unique towns in all of Iowa was the next surprise proposal for a very special lady. My wife. Who did you think I was talking about?

Carter Lake & Walnut, IA: Pottawattamie County

The quest is still on for the goal of proposing to my wife in all 99 counties and we went beyond the banks of the Missouri River to get there. We had to go into Nebraska and through part of Omaha to get there and yes you heard that right. We’ll get back to that later. We need to talk about Iowa’s Antique City first. Let’s head to Walnut!

Iowa’s Antique City and they are serious about this niche. If you’re not a big fan of antiquing, you will be with one stroll down their main drag.
The old opera house turned into the fabulous antique shop where I found the next trinket for my wife. 203 Antique City Drive-Walnut
I don’t smoke, but I would love to have these around anyway. And who knows. Maybe my own cigar shop? Better as my wife. The answer was no.


Your entire wardrobe would get a major upgrade if you stop by. Vintage bowling shirts, baby!

RUST was the shop that had the inspiration available for me to make another proposal to the wife that is a huge sport to all of my gallivant shenanigans. There’s 99 counties in Iowa and, luckily, she loves to be surprised. Especially when I’m handing over a gift. Who wouldn’t! Walnut would have been a terrific town to make the Pottawattamie County moment happen, but there was a bucket list item I wanted to checkoff while we were in the area. Let’s very briefly head to Nebraska!

A necklace with a Denmark memento, purchased in Walnut, and given to my wife in Carter Lake. It’s that simple, folks!
Sundown on the Iowa side of Carter Lake looking towards the Nebraska side. Stay with me on this.
The one and only witness to the proposal and me eating a taco on the shoreline. Our kayaking buddy went on his phone and became an instant fan of The Iowa Gallivant. It’s that simple, folks! 

Carter Lake, Iowa. Fun place to fish, swim, kayak, or just relax. However…..You MUST drive into Omaha, Nebraska to get there. You read that perfectly clear. I’ll make this short. The city now known as Carter Lake, Iowa was once attached to mainland Iowa. The Missouri River changes course in the 1800s and it becomes detached. Nebraska says that’s ours now. Iowa says, nope. Nebraska makes it a legal matter. Judge says it’s still Iowa. Fast forward to 2019 and the folks who live west of the ever flowing Missouri in Carter Lake call themselves Iowans. I love history and geography, so this is just the perfect little nugget for a our road trip.

There’s a lot of Denmark knowledge in just a little pendant. Being romantic with a little viking twist. I’m assuming the Vikings may have a Denmark’ish identity.

Carter Lake was the scene for our Pottawattamie proposal and I finally got to make the Welcome to Nebraska, Welcome to Iowa, Welcome to Nebraska, then Welcome to Iowa moment happen. And you can, too! We have a lot of fun with our travels and this county by county tour through the heartstrings of my wife is the absolute favorite part of what we do. I love her and she knew the corny side of me long ago. Corny is my middle name. Not really, but I’m taking suggestions.

IMG_4272 (1)
I also wanted a taco. Love you, babes. Jonesy’s Taco House was calling too.

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