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Beautiful Bed & Breakfast in Iowa’s Historic Madison County

*The endless beauty of Madison County was made even more special here at this B&B. Our stay at the Judge Lewis House was complimentary and the views expressed are of our own. Let’s gallivant!

We had to eventually leave and my daughters wanted none of that talk. Jude Lewis House B&B is what you need to go with all those bridges, wineries, and the scenery of Madison County.  1145 West Summit

Winterset, IA: Madison County

I want to put out a warning before I go any further. You may check into the Judge Lewis House Bed & Breakfast and not want to see a single other acre of Madison County because of the surroundings you’ve just entered. This is not a flowery way to describe how beautiful this house is to get you to keep scrolling. We mean every word of that. This is the vacation destination you need when you’re in Central Iowa.

Hank gave us the poochy welcoming we love and he adores kids.

We saw most of Winterset’s busy town square and its surrounding countryside before arriving and then we were welcomed into this beautiful Madison County B&B. It’s close to town and yet it gives you all the feelings of still being in a rural setting.

Those are the smiles this unbelievable parlor produces when you settle in with the guests. Kayla Hawkins is the owner of The Judge Lewis House and she doesn’t let that grin go away while you’re staying in Winterset.

Kayla and her husband Mark do a fantastic job of keeping up on this historic property and decorating it in 1800’s style charm. Relaxation is very much the theme here at The Judge Lewis House and there was plenty of great conversation to go with it. Kayla’s knowledge of the area and her own travels were entertaining and her welcoming nature was the absolute best feature of her B&B.

Feeling right at home in in The Judge Lewis House because of the fantastic bedrooms.
Kayla and Mark make sure there’s always coffee everywhere you go in their B&B.


Each room has its own decor and you may want to think about coming back many times and staying in each room. Kayla would let you!


There’s always something different to see in every room here at The Judge Lewis House. Each of the rooms is filled with themes of a Victorian era farmstead. And when I say that every room has its own charm and eloquent decor, I mean it.

Those covered bridges have been there for a long time so just take a soak here at B&B.


I like to wear the robes and sing while brushing my teeth. Not shaving though. I also take requests!


The Judge Lewis House is like an unofficial museum and antique shop. Take many strolls around this home and don’t leave until you’ve seen every inch of this B&B.


I’m not sure if Kayla and Mark are considered the Winterset authority in lamps but they should be. They own some of the most colorful you’ll ever see.



There is nothing better than eating a homemade piece of pie in the middle of a self guided tour through this home. We should have more pie breaks in this world.
The table is set and we’re ready for the breakfast in bed and breakfast!
Thick cut bacon with perfectly cooked waffles, fresh strawberries and a healthy dose of whipped cream. That is how you make any guest feel amazing in the morning.

The aroma of breakfast was our wake up call. Kayla prepared a spectacular beginning to our day with homemade waffles and fresh coffee filling up our cups. Once again, she was making it very hard to pack up our luggage. All she had to do is wave another slice of bacon at me and she would have had me for weeks. Time for a walk outside!

The farm life is in full bloom here at The Judge Lewis House! I love kitties. I’m not supposed to bring anymore home though.
Farm fresh eggs are just a few steps from the breakfast table.


We knew right away that this was the B&B for us when we saw this sign on the front door.
Goats are all the rage these days and they love to see Winterset visitors.

We can’t thank our hosts enough. Kayla and Mark were wonderful at every moment here. The Judge Lewis House is one of Winterset’s wonders and the hospitality experienced here will keep many heading back to the area. We loved exploring Madison County and this B&B was the best centerpiece we could have asked for. We’ll see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins!

We’ll always remember our stay here and we hope you make your plans soon. See you again, Winterset!

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The B&B life is something our family could get used to. Meet us in the parlor!




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