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Scouting RAGBRAI-2019: Gravy Crazy, Meaty Sandwiches, and Fine Iowa Wine- Indianola

The artistic side of the route can be found in Indianola… and you can take it home with you!

Indianola, IA: Warren County

Let’s go back to 2017 for just a moment here. We made one overnight visit to this town and it produced one of the biggest booms out travel blog has ever seen. It’s no secret that we were absolutely giddy to hear that Indianola would be Overnight #4 and our return to Warren County! RAGBRAI is coming and we discovered way more than we did the last time.

We had the pleasure of being hosted by the great folks of Indianola’s Chamber of Commerce. They sponsored some of our meals and helped with arranging our accommodations. Like always with our travels, the views expressed are of our own. Let’s gallivant this town!


Not too far out of town and a refreshing way to start your day in Indianola with glass or two at Summerset Winery!


They know how to entertain everyone who finds this beautiful winery.

The Iowa wine businesses will be getting a lot of traffic during much of the route. When you get to Warren County you’re going to see some of the best concentrations of vineyard heroes in the state. Summerset Winery has a rural setting that is impossible to not feel relaxed in. They have award winning bottles that will easily find their way into your big RAGBRAI hearts.

Another peaceful and scenic R&R stop with a lot of wine to make it feel oh so good at La Vida Loca.


A pond, patio, vineyards, an open lawn, and wine. That is La Vida Loca and that is the perfect recipe for great time if you ask me. Kickback here and often while everything just slows down a little and the wine swirls the afternoon away.

The closest winery to the town square is Annelise Winery and they’re ready for the brigades riding into Indianola!


Annelise Winery not only has plenty of wine selections, they also have facilities that could host many campers. Banquet rooms and bathrooms with….A SHOWER! Plenty of green grass for your tents and a fun atmosphere to get the party going with another fabulous glass of Iowa’s delicious wine.

Don’t worry, craft beer lovers. The Groggy Dog Brews & Bites has you covered on the square.
Bro hugs, pictures, and general conversation is always best with a quality brew. And really rocking beards! Dude on the right needs to catch up.
This is the protein punch you need. Scotch eggs and beer!

The Groggy Dog Brews & Bites is the local craft tap that has plenty of beers on the crafty side of your sudsy search. Keep up those snack breaks whenever possible too. Scotch eggs are just the answer to that. Flavorful ground sausage wrapped over boiled eggs and given a crispy breading. No one will blame you for not sharing. Get a couple orders!



The locals said to not leave town without a trip to Crouse and their hot gravy rich sandwiches. We went with the hot ham on soft white bread and you know they’re using homemade mashed potatoes!
The Chicago Griller! Fluffy pita bread stuffed with juicy gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a healthy dose of the cool and creamy tzatziki sauce.

Crouse Cafe is in the town square district and they have hot plates of tradition ready to land at your setting. There are very few times in our travels that I have turned down homemade mashers and I wasn’t going to start in Indianola. Very rich gravy and you don’t have to go with the thick cut ham steak like I did. Pork tenderloin, turkey, roast beef…..Collect the whole set!

The pizza and steakhouse concept is an Iowa treasure and many communities embrace their local institution, like Winn’s, with each spot creating a unique take on this idea.
There is always plenty of room for local pizza joints during RAGBRAI. I’ll look in the handbook but I’m quite sure it’s there somewhere.
The pasta dreams you’ve been having….That’s no coincidence. It’s that RAGBRAI-bod telling you about Winn’s menu.
They had me at homemade egg rolls and crab rangoons. With your pasta and pizza!
Possibly the cheesiest and hottest bowl of lasagna we’ve ever had in our scouting adventures.
You know you’re in Iowa when the jello and marshmallows start showing up as a salad option!


Look at that picture directly above. This is the collage you see instantly from the open kitchen at Winn’s Pizza & Steakhouse. That screams out community and that’s what the riders love about this Iowa event. Their town square location was incredibly busy, when we were there, and that is always a very good sign. Spaghetti with meatballs and cheesy lasagna were great and and just what the carbo gods would appreciate. The real treat of the meal was the creamy crab rangoons. If a pizza place is touting these, you better see what it’s all about. And you can dine at Winn’s here in Indianola, Norwalk, and Lacona!

Meet the happy owner of Funaro’s Deli & Bakery on the square. They have the quick ways to keep you fed, energized, and back on the town!
House made salads with that Iowa mayonnaise base you won’t shy from. I love a good pasta shooter!
Need your enzymes, vitamins and everything your organs appreciate? You found the place.
Want this same sandwich? Better show them this picture, because this was the build your own masterpiece that just came off the line.


Funaro’s is right on the corner here in the Indianola square and they have your deli sandwich needs coming off the assembly line. They also have their own bakery pumping out large cinnamon rolls for a little frosting to go with your RAGBRAI exploring in Warren County. That sandwich is an absolute work of art, so imagine what you can create here in late July!

The local soda jerk keeps popping up on our travels on this year’s route and Indianola has another great one!
Grab a quick Cuban sandwich to go with your favorite treat. Like large amounts of milk shakes!
You asked for a large and you get a large at the Corner Sundry!

Indianola’s Corner Sundry has the wide variety of candy, ice cream creations, sandwiches and just plain fun atmosphere you want for a cooling break. We recommend their famous phosphates like the Red River, a huge cup of an icy beverage that fits right into a hot summer day.

We always have our eyes open for a delicious Mexican restaurant and our Iowa gallivants don’t disappoint!
Chimichangas are great and they are made greater topped with velvety rich queso.
The large dining areas have some of the most unique decor that you’ll see in any restaurant in Iowa. I think you can see that this place knows how to show you a great time when your comfy seat is made from an old whisky barrel!
We went breakfast for lunch and I always gravitate to the Mexican style of my favorite meal. The huevos and chorizo sausage scramble had the powerful protein booster in every taco we assembled at our table.
The Huevos Rancheros is another breakfast feast here at Las Casa. A thick chile-based ranchero sauce over fried eggs and served with refried beans and rice… and how about a margarita when you order yours!

La Casa Mexican Restaurant is on Jefferson Way and it has a very large dining area with a lot of great booths and chairs. Comfort is a key part of your overnight during RAGBRAI and I think many of you would appreciate the easy going energy here at La Casa while you dive into your hot meal and sink into those whiskey barrels.


Uncommon Grounds is on the square and they are pumped about RAGBRAI heading to Indianola!
Meet the owner and barista that is prepping big time for the riders.
Meet the guy who goes around Iowa drinking copious amounts of coffee.
You can find what you love here in Indianola and this place has the speedy coffee making skills to keep that edge of alertness you’re wanting when get into town, just before you takeoff to Centerville, or on your return trips to explore more of the area!

The humming of fresh coffee grinding, aroma of it roasting, and the visions of all the customers enjoying were filling Uncommon Grounds Coffee House and Deli. They are excited about the big day coming up and their shining attitude is just what thousands of visitors want to see.


Want to stay on your bike? If you find yourself on Jefferson Way, then you can do just that. Mudslingers Coffee is the island you can stop at to get your fix. As you can see, they have the LARGE size you may want for your ice coffee. Light on the ice for me and bring on those extra shots of espresso!



Lula Belle Designs is just off Jefferson Way and they will have their doors open for the RAGBRAI nation. These ladies have an inventory for any rider that wants to get that Indianola souvenir or something for that sweetheart you’re sharing the ride with. I like the baseball hats. Just putting that idea out there.


Indianola Glass Creations is one of the premier stops for the memorable RAGBRAI piece you might have been searching for. They have tons of glass works in the categories of jewelry, wind chimes, plates, and a whole lot more. Watch the video below and see the RAGBRAI inspired stained glass creations getting made for your Indianola visit.



Our first stay at the Corn Crib B&B was on the first day of Spring in 2017 just after a blizzard in Northwest Iowa. You can guess how grateful we were to see our lodging partner during that trip and we were just as excited to see an old friend for this return to Indianola!

Welcome to the Corn Crib that you’ll want to pack up and take home with you.
Plenty of sunlight pouring into the living room to illuminate your stay.
Quite possibly the most perfectly positioned hammock in Iowa.
Full kitchen to show your guests all those cooking skills you have!
Beautiful rooms for the long night of slumber or that summer afternoon nap.

The Corn Crib B&B is easily one of our favorite places we’ve ever stayed at which is why it was so great to see it again. The perfect rural Iowa setting is completed with an unbelievable renovated corn crib barn with everything you need. Full kitchen, living room with very nice furniture, back porch, decorative bedrooms, hot shower, and the comfort and security of being on the Iowa farm. There’s a lot of Warren County to see and no one would ever fault you for spending the whole time here in this beautiful place. This is only a sample of our stay at the Corn Crib B&B and you’ll want to stay tuned to The Iowa Gallivant and see the rest of what we love about this one of a kind property.


One of the best ways to get a break from the sun is by supporting the local museums. Indianola is proud of their Dr. George Washington Carver history and they would love to see fellow history buffs gathering at their exhibits. The Warren County Historical Society has some a great group of volunteers that work hard to save the area’s history preserved.

This is where I know I would find myself resting up in Indianola. Saint Thomas Aquinas is hosting the campground for the folks you need a little more piece and quiet during the RAGBRAI nights. They will also will host a $10.00 supper of an open faced hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, beverage and a slice of pie. You’re hungry again, aren’t you!

Its been many years since the last time Indianola hosted an overnight and this town is buzzing with excitement. We had another fantastic gallivant of the Warren County seat and we know you’re going to find even more when you get here!

Indianola chamber
Thank you to Barb and Brenda of the Indianola Chamber of Commerce for helping us with a great and memorable trip to Indianola. Have a fun and wonderful RAGBRAI!
Be sure to like the Indianola RAGBRAI Facebook page to see what the Overnight #4 community has ready for you!
Like the RAGBRAI Facebook page to see all the updates on this year’s trek across Iowa!

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