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Civil War General & His Home-Now Ready to Host You in Historic Keokuk

*The winds were just right for another visit to Keokuk and we were lucky enough to be given a complimentary stay here at the General Samuel Curtis House. The views expressed are of our own. Now, let’s gallivant!

General Samuel Curtis loved his Keokuk home and so did his guests that would visit him in its mid 1800s opulence. The current owner is welcoming guests back to one of Keokuk’s many historic homes and portal like feeling to the past.

Keokuk, IA: Lee County

Airbnb can produce some of the most interesting properties when you search it’s wide range of trusty owners wanting to open their doors to a world of travelers. Keokuk, Iowa is one of the classic Mississippi River cities that is steeped in history and has some of the most stunning architecture in the Midwest. Richard West is the current owner of this pride and joy that was once the residence of General Curtis who was a fiercely loyal field commander of the Union Army. His former home would eventually fall into disrepair and that’s when Richard came to the rescue.

I saw this setting and instantly imagined a night of mulling over battlefield maps and wondering where our flanks could be compromised.
The front parlor. Those two words could keep me from leaving beautiful homes such as these.

Richard spent his childhood in Keokuk, and then went out to see the world and spending many years across the pond in a little village of rural England. The books you see in this picture are from many of the places he has visited before eventually re-landing in Southeast Iowa. The Curtis house was for sale and Mr. West went to work getting it into the prized property you see now.


Another of Richard’s investments, in the Curtis House, is very comfortable beds with quality sheets and comforters. His guests can enjoy their accommodations overlooking the Victorian neighborhood that surrounds the good General’s old home.


Morning sunshine flooded the home and created the natural lighting that added to the historic charm. Every room, floor, and object seemed to be inviting the rays to show its own hospitality to anyone who loved and respected the house. Large rugs, furniture, walls, and flooring popped with different colors compared to the late night hours we walked into the day before.


Richard’s many talents include a passion for art. His paintings are displayed in many areas of the Curtis. The house is dripping with historic ambiance, kindness, and Richard gives you an art gallery to enjoy of his own pieces and other works he collects.


The relaxing pull and energy that Richard has created at the Curtis took a lot of hard work and you can tell within seconds how proud he is of the house. His friendliness serves as an important asset to Keokuk and he became a quick friend to The Iowa Gallivant. The focus on civic pride is a quality that enforces the splendor during our travels.

That is THE greatest dog smile ever! Figaro is Richard’s trusty pooch and one of the best parts of being welcomed here.

We thank Richard and everyone who helped arrange our stay here at this beautiful house. Keokuk has always been a special town to us and we always look forward to seeing the great hosts and locals. Our explorations on this important Mississippi River town have been going on for years. It’s time to make plans to find your own discoveries in Keokuk.

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  1. Thank you for the great article about the Curtis home. It is a beautiful place! General Curtis is a fascinating man to research. I hope you were able to visit his family burial lot.

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