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Cabins of the Counties: Sac City’s Hagge County Park

*Iowa has many county parks and we were lucky enough to receive a complementary stay at one of them. The views of Hagge County Park in this blog post are of own. Let’s gallivant this place!

A long lane leads to a secluded campground in rural Sac County. Hagge County Park was our home base for a weekend of Northwest Iowa exploring.

Sac City, IA: Sac County

We had a weekend of adventure that kicked off our summertime family travels, and the Sac County Conservation Board came through with an opportunity to stay at and show off one of their beloved county parks. We love the great outdoors and we love the comfort of a cozy cabin as well. Hagge County Park was the perfect headquarters for our traveling band of Historic HWY 20 enthusiasts.


Nearby Sac City is just a few miles down the road, and far enough to keep Hagge in the wooded and rural setting that everyone appreciates about this park. The one cabin of Hagge is nestled close to the timber with large trees in the front yard,. I see you looking at that open lawn. You’re thinking you found a spot for a little get-together! There’s plenty of shade and just enough of an opening to let the Sac County summer sun pour through the leaves with the musical like breezes that Northwest Iowa is known for.

Inside the cabin were padded bunks, microwave, fridge with freezer, air conditioning, plenty of plugins, and counter space to prep for your stay. As you can see, we didn’t have any problems finding the camping classic fare. Line up those marshmallows. It’s going to be long night under the stars.


From the front porch to the picnic table is all the exploring you need to do sometimes at any cabin. Whether you’re working or just relaxing, Hagge’s amenities keep it rustic and help you stay productive if you need to. Part of operating a smooth running campsite is keeping the fire roaring and the local sausage sizzling over the pit. Along with countless S’mores stacking up into the sundown hours.


Children love playground equipment of all kinds. Especially a slide that might be the tallest point here at Hagge. We observed the the wilderness at the far end of the park from the rooftop of the banquet facility. Every time we visit a new discovery for us, we find other reasons to come back and Hagge is no exception. A hiking trail that leads to the Raccoon River with an easy access for your canoe or kayak is just a short ways into the woods. If we didn’t have time for hiking then what did we do? I knew you’d ask and we have a perfectly good reason.


We had all of Sac County to explore! That’s why! Pancakes in Early and a return to my childhood stomping grounds when I was a just lil’gallivanter visiting my grandparents. Many memories and great times with family have been here and we look forward to returning to this anchor of my youth.

You can say that this town is pretty “corny”.

The World’s Largest Popcorn Ball in Sac City isn’t going to take pictures of itself! World record holders will always find a home, on The Iowa Gallivant. Roadside America is a wonderland of attractions and I will always encourage anyone to stop by as many of these thoughtful and historic treasures whenever possible. They represent imagination and the history or the regions they call home and that’s all I need to keep stopping.

Plenty of leg room in Lake View, Iowa!

One of Iowa’s lake towns is growing in popularity and we came a running. The beautiful late Spring weekend was going strong, and Black Hawk Lake was packed and so was Lake View’s Main Street. Click here to see moments of the annual Sip and Sample and then mark your calendars for 2020’s next celebration of this annual event!

One more hot link for good measure at the Hagge cabin fire pit. Never stingy on the kraut!

The trees seemed to guard the grounds of Hagge County Park. Not against intruders, but the outside worries, impatience, and rushed way of life you can encounter in your daily routine. That long lane I talked about earlier represents more than an entry and exit of this beautiful escape. The lane is made of gravel, and gives its visitors that feeling of being in the rural aura that many need to connect with themselves. The crackling of the rocks below the tires lets you know that you made it to camp and has the similar sound of Jiffy Pop over the fire. The very same lane leads away from Hagge and back to the county blacktops. In the rear view mirror is the lone cabin, the primitive campsites, river bank, verdant treeline, and the beautiful building that’s home to the Sac County Conservation Center. The feeling of seeing countless acres of the county is quickly replaced by wanting to experience more.

Going inside the lushness of the timber and documenting the rushing Raccoon River is just another visit away. We’ll be heading back, but you don’t have to wait for our gallivant. Make your plans today and drift through Sac County yourself and treasure it in your own manner and splendor.

Thank you to Jessica Meredith of the Sac County Conservation Board for helping us establish our stay at Hagge County Park. This area of Iowa holds a meaningful place in my life and the chance to come back to it is something I always look forward to. We’ll be here again to explore it even more.

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