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It’s Always Tuesday Somewhere: Des Moines Taco Tour of the Summer!

*We had the great pleasure to partner up with Wow! Des Moines Tours and host an amazing tour highlighting some of the area’s best places. The views expressed in our blog post are of our own. Now, let’s get back to Gallivanting!

Yup! You caught me! Myself and many others helped ourselves to a huge variety of tacos from all over the metro area with Wow! Des Moines Tours. And you can join me as I host another taqueria tour on Saturday, June 29th!

Des Moines & West Des Moines, IA; Polk County

When someone calls and asks if you want to show folks around the big city and showcase incredible taquerias…..Let’s stop with the cute stuff. Of course I said, yes! YAAAAAAAAS! Wow! Des Moines Tours knows how to show Central Iowa just how to have a great afternoon, one beautiful taco at a time.


West Des Moines’s historic Valley Junction is home to La Michoacana and they are lucky to have them. A specialty Mexican grocery store that also has their own tacos to take to go. Soft and double layered corn tortillas would be the theme of the day and their’s were loaded with slow cooked pork carnitas and beef barbacoa and garnished with fresh Pico de Gallo. If you love heat then you will love their made from scratch salsas.


What would be a taco tour without a stop at a food truck! Tacos Degollado is located on University and 18th and they have a wide variety of selections. This includes some of the best chicken tacos you’ll have in the big city. They have the goods on the DSM taco truck scene, and this is how you soak up the sun on your hard earned weekend.


Jalisco style food meets Jalisco style hand crafted artwork directly from Mexico on 1305 University. Tacos Mariana’s specializes is some mouth watering tacos like Steak Adobado which is marinated in a perfect spicy sauce. We also dabbled with lengua (beef tongue) and tripas (beef tripe). Many ate these tacos like true Mexican food professionals.


Des Moines’s oldest Mexican Restaurant is Los Laurales and you knew we were heading to East Grand for these! Plate after plate of their perfectly prepared tacos came flying out of the kitchen, and they were loaded with their house-made chorizo (Mexican sausage).  More selections of their tacos came out with refreshing pitchers of margaritas on cue. Their sweet tooth detectors went off and served up some fantastic Flan to put a much appreciated dessert at the end of the visit. 


Tacos La Familia is located at 1610 6th Ave, and it provided one of the funnest stops of the tour. They have quite the neighborhood following with an ever growing fan base that’s coming in from all over to discover their tremendous food, cocktails, and service. They have some of the best carne asada you’ll find anywhere, and you can’t leave without their tender and juicy lamb barbacoa. This establishment is right next door to La Tapatia Mexican Grocery store as well. When you get done with your meal, you can start to shop for the next one in your own home. Still don’t believe me when I said we had a great time? Then click here and watch the video from The Iowa Gallivant Facebook Page and see for yourself!

The time is now to plan your day for a lot of fun and very fulfilling food tours here in Des Moines. Click here on the Wow! Des Moines Food Tours website and get your seats reserved!

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