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99 Counties-99 Proposals: Moment #7 in Jefferson County

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When you know you’re right, you know you’re right. Found this gem at Adela’s in Fairfield and then I saw the framed saying.

Fairfield, IA: Jefferson County

When traveling, you should have a few goals. One of mine is to surprise my wife with a new proposal in all of Iowa’s 99 counties and it’s rolling quite along! We’ve had moments, like Palo Alto Co at the world’s largest grotto, the Wilton Candy Kitchen in Muscatine Co, a winery in Boone Co, a beautiful park in Crawford Co, meat shop in Allamakee Co, and a casino in Worth Co. Next up is Jefferson and a coffee shop that has one of the most talented baristas on Earth!


Cafe Paradiso is one of the corners in Fairfield’s beautiful and very lively town square and you can get your visit kicked off right with a beverage here. This is one of the best parts here. We stopped in on day one . Then, we came back the next day and they remembered our drinks like we were longtime people of the Paradiso.


With a pour here, a steam treatment there, a swirl, and a stir we had the most memorable cup of hot cocoa in our marriage. Way more memorable than the one I spilled on Santa at mall one time. The bracelet was purchased at Everybody’s Whole Foods in Fairfield and our fearless barista attached it to the cup with care and precision to make sure it was presented perfectly. Something he didn’t have to do, but saw it as important, and showed us another reason why this establishment is amazing.


We had one of the most memorable Gallivants ever in Fairfield and Cafe Paradiso proved to be the perfect place to get my wife to say “yup” once again. We’re 7 counties in with 92 to go. Here’s to more “let’s get hitched” moments coming up for years to come!

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*Thank you to Terry Baker of the Fairfield Visitors Bureau for showing us this great community. This proposal was the perfect ending to a great visit in Jefferson County!

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