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99 Counties-99 Proposals: Moment #6 in Allamakee County

Northeast Iowa looked better than ever after the 6th of 99 surprise proposals heading my wife’s way. Anchors aweigh…We’re headin’ to the Driftless. He went to Lansing….

Lansing & New Albin, IA: Allamakee County

It happened again and this time it was in Iowa’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Driftless Area. This was on one of the first of our gallivants this year and it was just after a light snow that blanketed the area. We knew the area well and we were on a trip to this wild landscape on grownup getaway. I knew this would make for another perfect moment to ask my wife to stay hitched with me.

We cruised into the town of Lansing, IA, from the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River banks and caught one inspiring and spectacular view after another. This is an area of Iowa folks don’t imagine they’ll see until they get here. Towering castle-like bluffs, countless islands, thick forests, rolling hills, and the great river not far from your sight like the friend it can become. Time to go shopping….

Red Geranium is on Lansing’s historic Main Street and I knew I’d find just what to get my wife. As she looked around me and the shopkeep hatched the plan to assure that Monica wouldn’t see the impending event to come. I handed her my debit card and she rung it up when Monica headed to the car. I told her I left my sun glasses inside, something I do quite often thank you very much, and my new friend had the red anchor necklace ready to go. Better get a romantic meal before I spill my guts again….

The national treasure known as the hot beef sandwich. Midwest style!

Just across the street from our last stop is Miltys and they are known to have one of the best meals you can have a winter’s afternoon. Juicy slow cooked beef roast between two fresh pieces of white bread with made from scratch mashed potatoes and hot gravy on everything! Time to find a cozy spot to see if Monica will say yes to another proposal. Luckily just up the Great River Road is another beacon of love that locals and travelers adore year after year.

It was another stop at the institution known as City Meat Market in the most northeastern town in Iowa known as New Albin. Yup! The classic small town meat shop is exactly where I decided to renew our nuptials gallivant-style!

The necklace was placed in the local cheese curd fridge and it was there when I made the “cheesiest” proposal since we started this crazy and gushy bucket list. I don’t know how many times folks have asked a young lady to take the plunge in the aisles of City Meat Market’s long history in Allamakee County, but it was the perfect atmosphere for us. To be honest, there wouldn’t have been a bad place to this anywhere in the area. We feel magnetized to this region and we wish we could be here more often. The folks working in both shops that helped us make this happen didn’t balk at all with the idea and just like every time we’ve visited, they made it into another beautiful trip to ole’ Allamakee. Thank you all so much! Only 93 Iowa counties left….I love you, Monie.

Fresh RING bologna….Looks like I have another idea for an engagement gift.

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