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The Boulders of Boone

*The holiday season produces some of the best memories you can ask for and Boone’s Boulder Inn & Suites gratefully opened up their doors for us with a complimentary suite. The opinions expressed are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

The inviting energy of Boulders Inn & Suites-Boone on a wintry Central Iowa day is exactly what the road trip doctor ordered. Warmness in every bit of its definition was ready at check-in. 1900 Lakewood Drive

Boone, IA: Boone County

Our holiday trip to Boone County would not have been complete without a comfortable place to lay our heads, eat a hot breakfast, shop for crafts, grab a beer or two and more. How’s this for a welcome to Boone!


I don’t think there’s any doubt that our suite was more than comfortable and equipped with everything a family of five would need for a holiday weekend in Boone, IA… a fridge, flat screen TV, microwave, coffee maker, wonderful beds and plenty of space.

Who needs a nightcap!

Boulders Inn & Suites-Boone has your adult beverage needs prepared for too! This little bar is open until 2am and it includes cold brews from the local beer makers at Boone Valley Brewing Company along with a selection of the smooth stuff.


Keep your eyes open for what could be happening in the Fareway Conference Center that’s just down the hall from the lobby. We were able to enjoy a large craft show and get some presents under the tree early and they were locally made from some very talented folks. Getting a chance to shop locally and travel all at the same time thanks to our lodging partners!


Breakfast had plenty of options from warm biscuits and peppery sausage gravy to fresh fruits, make it yourself Belgium waffles, donuts, yogurts breads and cereals. Don’t even think they’re going to run out of hot coffee.


You want to work off that hearty breakfast? Pump some iron, glide through your favorite morning show, or get some miles in on the treadmill at Boulders Inn & Suites-Boone. I’d flex for a picture but I was wearing a $4.00 shirt and didn’t want to rip it. True story!


We thank the entire Boulders crew for a great stay. The rooms were prepared with such care and the entire staff made us feel like longtime guests the entire weekend. They even kept me company as I worked late in the night from the comfortable couches in the lobby gobbling up their free WiFi. Central Iowa has many places to see, but I urge all of you to take the time and explore Boone County. Tell our friends at Boulders we said hi when you check in. Have an amazing stay and holiday season, everyone!

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