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Stuffing the Stockings & Iowa Feasting: Boone For the Holidays Part 2 of 2

Merry times in generous portions all season long in one of Iowa’s best places to absorb the Christmas spirit! and don’t forget to read part one when you’re done gallivanting part two!

Boone & Madrid, IA: Boone County

You need a great meal….I mean meals…and you also need a beautiful state park, local wine, premium hotel room, and a place that has more Christmas cheer than Rudolph, Bing Crosby and Clark W. Griswold have combined. We found it and rolled in it like the first snow angel of the season. Ladies and gingerbread men, we give you Boone County and I’d like to remind you that this is Part 2! Let’s get started on course one….

You may call it a brunch, we call it a Boone brunch because your morning, afternoon and 2pm eggnog plans need to be officially altered due to the many battle stations of food that Saints Avenue Cafe has ready for your plates. We know that some families need a place to tide over the tummies for long periods at a time while you make stop after stop in a weekend getaway. This cafe has a Sunday brunch buffet with your classic Midwest salad bar with fresh veggies, your favorite fluffs, mayo and vinaigrette based salads, jellos and rich dressings. You could stop here but why would you? This buffet also includes an omelet station, steaks, fresh fruits, pastries, casseroles, desserts, ice cream bar, and a giant selection of breakfast staples. This place keeps the pork, beef, eggs and syrup checkoffs very happy. Is there a syrup checkoff? There should be!

Why wait until the summer to see Iowa State Parks when you might be missing scenery like this? Ledges State Park has the hiking and cross country skiing trails open with every winter pack. If you love wintry landscapes for your photography shoot, then you’ll love this park for that as well. Acres and acres of Des Moines River valley wildlife is right here in one of the best state parks the Midwest has to offer. Anyone hungry again?

Let’s go panini and hot soup before we hit up the Christmas shopping. The Livery Deli nailed down what it means to be festive while serving up delicious food. Just off of Boone’s main drag of Story Street on 7th is the deli depot this town loves and so did we. Smooth and velvety tomato basil bisque is the cold weather treat that’s hard to turn down. What’s harder is trying to resist dunking your Bob’s Special Grilled Sandwich- a chicken salad panini- in the center of this bowl and who wants to resist that!

Take the back roads and you may find an award winning Iowa winery. You just got an idea, didn’t you? Grab a responsible driver and take a group of wine tasting enthusiasts and make a day out of it at Snus Hill Winery and get yourself a few presents of your own. You’ll want to stay tuned because we have a special surprise coming from this grape squishing destination coming soon…..

Burger and wrap night for us at the The Colorado Grill and they had there own twists on some classics. You like jalapenos? Then get the Popper Burger that comes with two breaded jalapeno poppers and have your appetizer with your burger. Conquer Maggie’s Mac-N-Cheese burger with all the cheesy splendor you’d want out of a burger. Next up was the California Turkey Wrap with juicy sliced turkey, applewood smoked bacon, provolone cheese, cucumber, avocado, and ranch dressing and topped  with a bushel of fried onions. Headlining was their version of the Monte Cristo! Sliced turkey, ham and American Cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried to golden perfection. That’s how you explore Boone through power of your hunger and what tops all of is the slumber and comfort from the local hotel.

*Our stay at the Boulders Inn & Suites-Boone was complimentary. The opinions expressed are of our own. Now, let’s keep gallivanting!

The Fareway Conference Center here at the Boulder Inn & Suites-Boone was packed with a craft show which gave us even more ways to cover more square footage under our Christmas tree. The rooms here are modernly equipped with all you need to enjoy yourself along with very comfortable beds. Downstairs is a full bar for your nightcap and awaiting your morning is a hot complimentary breakfast. The snowy weather outside made this warm and fulfilling stay at Boulders even better with a quality suite that made our stay in Boone that much greater.

Thank you to Kris Blocker for all you did to show some out-of-towners how to feel at home in Boone County. We can’t wait to see you all again!


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