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The Stunning Views From Some of Our Favorite Gallivants

Another great trip sponsored by Linder Tire Service here on The Iowa Gallivant!

From the unincorporated town of Vinje in North Iowa. The prairie winds are still here and the sunsets are some of the best in the Midwest.

We’ve taken many road trips in our lives and when we think of scenic overlooks, we sometimes “overlook” the views we can experience here in Iowa and throughout the Midwest. Here are some of our most memorable moments looking out at the vast landscapes that trigger our imaginations.

You guess where this is at. While smashing a delicious steak you can observe buffalo in the pasture while a huge federal penitentiary looms over the landscape. If you guessed Leavenworth, Kansas then you nailed it! I’m pretty sure there’s no other view out there like this one in Eastern Kansas.
PDA alert! PDA alert! Yellow Smoke County Park near Denison, Iowa has plenty of spots to view one of the state’s most beautiful parks. And some good spots to get a quick kiss from a special young man like myself.
From the front porch of the Nathaniel Hamlin Museum near Audubon, Iowa. A storm you could see rolling in from miles and miles away eventually crashes into the late morning sunshine.
Lake Belva Deer County Park near Sigourney, Iowa has plenty of photo-ops awaiting your visit including this one of the waterlogged trees that make up its unique beauty.
The Mahanay Bell Tower in the town square of Jefferson, Iowa gives you the most spectacular view Greene County and Central Iowa has to offer.
Burl 12
There’s plenty of scenic overlooks on the Mississippi River and Burlington, Iowa is home to some of the best. This river town is blessed to have some large sized public parks to take in the great river along its historic banks.
On the Glacial Trail Scenic Byway near Sutherland, Iowa is one of the most unique lodges you’ll ever stay in. Actual grain bins have been transformed into multilevel cabins and the view of Dog Creek Rec Area is spectacular from the back porch here in NW-Iowa.
From the top of the world’s largest grotto in West Bend, Iowa. Grotto of the Redemption is a giant haven for rock hounds, history buffs, archaeologists and folks who seek important religious artifacts and buildings.
The winding Winnebago River has one of its best views from a small public park in Fertile, Iowa. The scene of the old mill and dam can draw you in for hours.
There’s never a bad time to be on lake time. Clear Lake, Iowa never disappoints when it comes breathtaking views and pictures.
The whitewater of the Cedar River crashes against kayaks in Charles City, Iowa. Yes! Iowa has a premier whitewater course!
Atop of Mount Hosmer in Lansing, Iowa. The Driftless Area of the Mississippi River in full view with its islands, waterways and my favorite overlook on the great river I’ve experienced.

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*Linder Tire Service is the sponsor of the content on this blog post. All the opinions expressed are of our own. Thanks for Gallivanting!

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