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Raised in the Adams County Jail

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Once the headquarters for justice this Southwest Iowa town and also a home to the elected sheriff and family.

Corning, IA: Adams County

Meet the Goodvins! My father Jim on the far left, my uncle Larry being held by my Papa Hoot, and my Grandma Edna holding Aunt Julie who supplied this beautiful family picture.

Think of all the stories you’ve heard about childhood homes. Did anyone ever say “After we ate breakfast, Mom would pack our lunch and then feed the inmates their county funded meal….”? Not too many of us, but if you lived in Adams County, Iowa and your Dad was the sheriff, your home was the old jailhouse. It’s been a long time since those days, but this historic building still stands, now as one of Iowa’s most interesting county museum’s.

The Adams County House of History has done an amazing job of loading it with important history from the area, Iowa, and even the world. All the while keeping much of it looking like the old days when it was both a jailhouse and family home. The picture on the left is where inmates would carve their names into the wood. As you can see, we had a family member get three hots and a cot here for a little stay.

Original television sets, antique radios, ovens and telephone operator stations and plenty of farm implements. I’ll be honest, some of them looked a little creepy. One of the priceless items here is a chest that came to America on the Mayflower and has somehow made its home in Corning, Iowa. These are the kind of pieces that make our local museums an absolute treasure and keep us wondering what we’re going to see next.

Not only was my grandfather, Bryan “Hoot” Goodvin, a proud sheriff, he was also a very decorated mechanic for the Flying Tigers in WWII. He received the Chinese Hauchow Award for Bravery by Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek. This honor along with other prestigious medals, artifacts and letters from local vets are some of the most inspiring exhibits at the Adams County House of History.

You can’t bring up Corning, Iowa without talking about legendary TV personality, Johnny Carson who was born here. That’s right, folks. We Iowans know how to keep people laughing and entertained. We’re good times.

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