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Discovering the Corps of Discovery: Lewis & Clark Festival

Onawa, Iowa
Another great trip and blog post sponsored by Linder Tire Service here on The Iowa Gallivant. Sure I saw the signs for the Annual Lewis & Clark Festival, but this one made me realize we made it to the right place. Get those calendars marked for every second Friday of June!

Onawa, IA: Monona County

The wild trek from St. Louis to the sea was a long one for the Corps of Discovery and Western Iowa was an important region to Lewis and Clark’s mission so why not celebrate it every year at Lewis and Clark State Park in the heart of the Loess Hills. If you love period clothing, handmade jewelry large amounts of tools that will help you survive in the wilderness, than you’re going to love this festival!

If only the crew coming to Onawa, in the early 1800’s, had a few of these during their trip. The Missouri River flows right past this historic area and the short drive this classic bridge supplies some beautiful scenery, wildlife and landscapes. You say road trip we say Bridge Trip!

The beach was incredibly appetizing when we visited because of the sultry 90 degree weather. The sand was warm and the water cool with plenty of natural Western Iowa beauty.  The water is welcoming to all including folks who rely on wheelchairs. They know more than anyone how hard it can be to maneuver through sand, so Lewis and Clark State Park installed a launch into the water so it can be easily accessed. That can mean the world to a lot of travelers. Great work, Onawa and Iowa DNR!

The classic Indian Fry Bread is one of the headliners at Onawa’s Lewis & Clark Festival and you can’t leave town without one. Indulge your sweet tooth and order it with cinnamon and sugar or go massive enjoying it in taco form. I recommend both. Hey! When’s the next time you’re going to get one of these !?!

Be sure to find this guy while you’re here. Little John Root Beer has some best crafted sodas you’re ever going to have and they supply you with refillable bottles! That’s right. Bring your empty bottles back and pay a refill charge on this day, other days or even other festivals you find them at! I like your style, John.

Knives, hatchets, rings, anklets, slingshots and animal skulls. Yup, Christmas came early this year! Why wait on thesestuff the stockings when you can play with all your new favorite toys this summer!

And you thought the RAGBRAI route was long! This former camp for America’s most important expedition now attracts oodles of locals, travelers and gallivanters like us every year. So, why not discover another Iowa State Park and friendly community for yourself and see the wonders of the Iowa’s Missouri River Valley. Tell’em Meriwether sent’ya. Don’t forget! Check those tires before you head out on a road trip!

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