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Iowa’s Most Egg-Cellent Omelet Goes To…

* We are proud to have Iowa Egg Council as the sponsor of this blog post. The opinions expressed are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

There were a lot of great restaurants that entered but there can only be one that gets Iowa’s Most Egg-Cellent Omelet! (Photo from Iowa Egg Council Facebook page)

Ankeny, IA: Polk County

….And then the Iowa Egg Council asked if I’d be willing to travel to have Iowa’s best omelet. The answer is always yes and I can’t tell you how thrilled we were to make this trip happen! Not only was our meal obviously delicious, it was also presented by the proud family who operates this restaurant. Just our kind of place and just who we love writing about on The Iowa Gallivant.

This pancake house is showing us how you flip and omelet. Six eggs at a time! 1810 SW Birch Circle, Ankeny

The Original Pancake House welcomed us in like longtime regulars and the good vibes from their new award was still on full display. Pat and Brenda Caligiuri co-own this lovely restaurant along with Chris and Jodi Jannes. Together this team creates made from scratch meals everyday and you can tell their hard work is poured into The Original Pancake House day in and day out.

Not only do the owners put in the hours here, so do some of their kids as well. I meant it when we said this was a family effort. Now, let’s see what this crew whipped up!

You can chose from many omelets on the menu and we went with a cracked to order six egg giant that features a local Des Moines area staple. Graziano’s Italian sausage- some of the best in the world! Plenty of melted cheese and a side of perfectly seasoned home fries topped with more cheese. When you’re here and the plate get’s placed on the table, you know you’ll need to cancel your one o’clock. A massive, fluffy omelet loaded with great ingredients. That’s a winner right there.

You gotta have more eggs to make made from scratch pancakes! We ordered banana pancakes topped with homemade maple syrup, and a lot of it. Up next was the Apple Pancake that’s oven baked with fresh Granny Smith apples and pure Sinkiang Cinnamon Glaze. That was huge, by the way. And the last round was the Hawaiian pancakes topped with a sweet pineapple syrup. To think I almost wore my hula skirt on this day. Always go with your gut, people. These pancakes were all terrific, hot and provided the motor to have large amounts of butter first thing in the morning.

Dear, Santa….Please tell my wife it’s okay to put this in our house.

The folks at The Original Pancake House were very excited to host us and genuinely gracious during the entire experience. Iowa Egg Council did a great job picking a family that is not only making delicious food, but representing the important egg producing families that make awards like these possible. Ag-Families all over the state made Iowa into the egg authority it is today and we can’t thank them enough for all they do everyday to provide us with one of the most essential foods the world needs. The Iowa egg and a lot of them. We’ll see your omelets on the “flip-side”, Iowa!

Thank you to Katie Nola at the Iowa Egg Council for setting our visit up and having us write about another great Iowa family. We’d love to do it again!

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Here’s to egg on our faces for years to come and loving every minute of it!

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