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A Modern Day Rhythm City Casino

You may have remembered the old casino on the river and now you need to make more memories at the new and beautiful Rhythm Casino Resort. Still in Davenport and still a premium Quad Cities destination! 7077 Elmore Avenue *Our room was complimentary and the opinions expressed on this blog post are of our own. Now let’s gallivant! 

Davenport, IA: Scott County

We recently spent a weekend in the Quad Cities and one of the biggest highlights was having a room at Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport! The new property is vibrant and pampering new customers everyday while welcoming back the regulars that have been enjoying themselves at Rhythm City since it was on the river banks. Though the casino has moved, it’s still close to Downtown Davenport and so much more in the Quad Cities area. That was very important to us since we were traveling our heinies off, but we were led back to the anchor of our stay and the good times we can all have at this casino.

So, when do you want your day at the spa? Right when your trip starts? In the middle? Towards the end? All three sound good to me! The Spa at Rhythm City has the skilled staff that get all you need done from your hair, nails and that massage you know you need and deserve plus more. Two minutes in this place and I was wishing that I wore nail polish. Hey, you gotta start somewhere!

Draft Day Sports Lounge is one of the nicest bars where you’ll watch your favorite team destroy your rivals. You can have a lot of great times here with multiple flat screens all over the place and quite possibly the frostiest beer mugs in the Quad Cities!

Let’s eat! Rhythm City Casino Resort is home to Robert’s Buffet and it’s loaded with selection! We were here for Sunday brunch and they offered ample amounts of classic stick to ribs choices like fried chicken, baked potato bar and wonderful side dishes to terrific Asian favorites, carving station with prime rib, ham, turkey and smoked meats. Seafood, fresh salad bar and the breakfast goodies you always want in a perfectly rounded brunch. There’s something else you want…..

Desserts and A LOT of them! The sweet tooth goes off like a slot machine hitting the jackpot at Robert’s Buffet. The island of all your dessert’y dreams has an unbelievable array of cheese cakes, cakes with frosting, cakes with fruit (I like cake), countless pies,ice cream and so much more folks. Our favorite was the rotating gelato  bar. That, my friends is all you need to get your road trip planned for Rhythm City! And this isn’t the only place to get a great meal. Click here to see Ruthie’s Steak & Seafood and their great menu and start to imagine this experience from the top floor of this stunning casino.

The Market has the souvenirs, jewelry or even quick snack and beverage you’ll want while you’re at Rhythm City because you deserve it. Just say JayJay from The Iowa Gallivant said it was okay. And please let me know if that actually works. You know what else you need. Some clothing from your stay here so you can showoff all that Rhythm City Casino swagger you picked up in the Quad Cities.

The hotel is one of the best that you’re going to stay at here in the Quad Cities. Comfortable and very inviting. They thought of all you need here- from the firmness of the pillows, pressure of the water in the shower and the feeling of a spacious room whether you’re getting work done at the desk, watching your favorite show or relaaaaaaaaxing on the bed or cushy chairs.

Drinks are on me!

You guessed it. The Casino at Rhythm City is exciting and has plenty options to keep you playing your favorite games or even learning some new ones. Weave in and out of the slots and video poker games. Get your blackjack on, will the roulette ball to your lucky number and become the “River Boss” at game of Texas Hold’em in the poker room. Enjoy all these games, and a lot more, any day, but don’t forget that Rhythm City offers free entertainment every Friday night. And that’s not all entertainment they have. Oh, not even close! Click here for the calendar of events at Rhythm City Casino and start your plans for some famous acts and awesome bands. Featured events like Here Come the Mummies, Free Fallin, Gary Allan and plenty more to get tickets for. I think it’s time for a trip to Davenport and book your stay, don’t you think?

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Thanks, again, Rhythm City Casino Resort. We had a blast and can’t wait to see you and all again. The staff was great from beginning to end in every corner of this beautiful facility. Make your reservations now!


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