Gallivanting with Linder Tire Service

Linder Tire is Gearing Up for Spring and So Are We!

We are proud to be the new On the Road Ambassadors for Linder Tire Service and we’re ready to keep gallivanting with this great crew on our side. Thanks to their 3 locations in Iowa City, North Liberty and Grinnell. They’ve been in business since 1932 and they’re ready for another 86 years of service!

Have you felt like its been a long winter? Are you tired of the slush, ice, and that salt everywhere? I don’t know about you, but I could go to be pampered somethin’ fierce. Guess what! Your trusty car feels the same way. Taking your car into Linder Tire for needed maintenance is always a good idea, but why wait until then! Let’s treat our automobile to a day at Linder’s getting treated to some professional TLC and take April on!

Your engine loves a routine oil change like you love a routine foot massage. Chances are you get the oil changed more often, but you know what I mean. Linder Tire specializes in many things when it comes to your car, but they have the time to get these important projects done on your car to keep that engine satisfied and working to its full potential.

Rotate those tires and put a little pep in your car’s step. Plus you get to hear that neat power tool noise when they take off and put back on the lug nuts. That sound never gets old! And you should be hearing it every 5,000-7,000 miles. Tire tread and wear affects your gas mileage. Check the PSI because every 5 lbs of pressure you lose can translate into 2% loss on that precious gas mileage. Something to think about with typical price hikes in fuel during the summer. And like a new pair of shades for those sharp eyes of yours, the windshield of your ride loves brand new wipers. Bring it on spring showers!

Linder’s has tire in their name for a reason, folks. You need them, they have them, and they have a staff that will make sure you get the quality tires you’re looking for. They even have April specials! Hankook Passenger and Light Truck instant $60 savings on set of 4…..GT Radial Passenger and Light Truck instant $40 savings on set of 4…..Yokohama Passenger and Light Truck instant $40 savings on set of 4….You getting all this? Click here to view their coupons and specials!

That’s several decades of combined experience in one action shot at Linder Tire Service.

The sun is coming out more often and that means you and your car will too. Let’s get it checked out and why not get that planned very soon. Your spring and summer will thank you with every road trip and gallivant down the road!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Brakes and alignment! Is you car pulling to the right or left? You hear some screeching when braking? They got a guy for that. So let Linder Tire get it looked at and taken care of!



*Linder Tire Service is the sponsor of the content in this blog post.

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