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Getting Smoked on Father’s Day

The extreme northeast corner of Iowa turned out to be the “meat” of our weekend road trip.

New Albin, IA: Allamakee County

We all know what a lot of Dads want for Fathers Day. Their loving family showering them with utmost respect, joy and tenderness. Mmmmmm…..Tendernesssssss. Just being around your loved ones has cured many anguishing moments you might have had. Mmmmm…..Cuuuuured. And usually, it’s Dad’s choice to pick what to do on this annual summer weekend. Mmmmmmm…..Chooooice. Guess what this guy wants? I need a smoker that’s seasoned with decades of history, a meat market that has been run by experts for over 100 years, and I also need the Upper Mississippi River to supply the beautiful backdrop. New Albin, here we come!

One foot in Iowa and another in Minnesota at the furthest northeast point in Iowa. Nestled between some of the Mississippi’s most scenic areas and Allamakee’s amazing bluffs is the historic town of New Albin. A small town with some of Iowa’s best recreational outposts you can find. We traveled down New Albin’s Army Road through marshes until we reached the banks of the great river. What we discovered was a part of the Mississippi many may never see. That is unless you get the car packed up and get to New Albin. Or boat, raft, kayak, canoe, jet ski, Boba Fett style jet pack. Just get up here. But don’t worry about supplies. New Albin has that covered with all that you really need.

City Meat Market has been carving up, cutting up, and smoking up high quality meats for over 100 years and their is no sign of slowing down. They have a giant smokehouse that produces some of Iowa’s best creations and a case full of fresh steaks, chicken, pork and everything dear old dad loves. Just take a look for yourself.

Here are just some of City Market’s specialties! Thin sliced prime rib, smoked eggs, smoked salmon, bacon jerky, delicious bologna and plenty of local cheese curds. They welcomed all 5 of us into their market like we were local regulars. This was the theme during our trip to Allamakee County everywhere we went. Now that’s how you get anyone to become a regular anywhere. Thank you, New Albin!

That is a bacon jerky, smoked egg and cheese curd sandwich. All thanks to City Market!

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