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Stutterin’ Jimmy w/ The Beer Makers-Our Last Winter Road Trip

Iowa’s Great Lakes are great for the winter months too! (Bring on summer, though)

Lake Okoboji, IA: Dickinson County (Our 46th County)

Let’s just say we wanted to beat the ‘Boji crowds and show-up in early March and why not! I’m corn-fed Iowa boy born in Marshalltown and lived in the towns of Guthrie Center, Marion, Iowa City, and Hills. I have family and friends all over the state, created an Iowa-based travel blog and I am here to tell you that this is my VERY first visit to one of Iowa’s most popular destinations. Yup….A liiiiitle behind schedule. But, better late than never and better in the winter than not at all. Thanks to one of my favorite craft beers, we found the soul of Iowa closing out one season and ringing in the next.

Iowa experienced a mild stretch in February and early March, but the late NW-IA blizzard   reminded us that it was still very much winter even though spring was well within reach. Just down the road from our hotel in Milford was the very lively brewery of West O Beer in West Okoboji and we hit the bar with an immediate flight of their finest. We love craft beer and the folks pouring the beers at West O were just what we needed after our long trip to the lake. They filled us in every variety and kept them coming. The brewery’s atmosphere was being set by the evening’s entertainment coming from the nearby stage. What do I like with my Iowa beer? Music from Iowa artists! Ladies and gentlemen….Stutterin’ Jimmy!

The voice that comes from Jimmy is some of the most soulful sounds we’ve heard on our adventures with sharp grit that goes perfectly with an Iowa craft beer. The Des Moines product made us realize that The Iowa Gallivant needs to feature more of Iowa’s musicians and this was the inspiring duo that brought on this executive decision. Jimmy speaks with a noticeable stutter, but has no problem getting his message out. Once he hits the mic you hear a clear grit with a steady deepness that I haven’t heard in person for many years. They truly headlined our first visit to Okoboji.

Closing time at West O Beer. Sad face.

A typical closing time sadness was mixed with the happy faces we accomplished at the brewery. Jimmy wasn’t available for a lullaby so we had to try our best to sleep on our own. It was time for a rest because we new there was a Sunday brunch waiting for us. And you always need your energy for that. It’s in our handbook wherever that is at.

Minervas Bar & Grill had egg flippers fully loaded and stocked for the busy brunch session that we gladly dove into. Omelets were just the beginning….

Minervas brought out the Eggs Benedict, roast beef and pork, blintzes, ham, waffles, pastries, fresh fruit, salads, sausage links….It’s an all in brunch, everybody, and you won’t go hungry. Our table overlooked the golf course that was soon to be busy with all the mulligans you care to allow. The brunch capped off our short visit to Okoboji and it gave us the recon mission we needed to return during the summer. The gallivant has only begun, Dickinson County!

This wasn’t our first West O rodeo! Check out our own recipe for Autumn Squash Soup using Honey Blossom Saison in our Iowa Recipe Quest series.

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  1. Next time you’re in the Lakes area, come on by our meat locker (Ruthven Meat Locker). Try our “Locker Trash”. You won’t be disappointed!

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