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Iowa Hungry-The Historic Burger Trail


Kellogg, IA: Jasper County (Our 40th County!)

Team Goodvin explores all that is Iowa on this fine travel blog with some great “off the beaten path” features that lure us in during our visits. However, we better get to know those places that millions see every year weather they stop in or simply drive by. One of Iowa’s most well known roadside delights is right off I-80 near the little town of Kellogg. And you may have heard that it’s Iowa’s Best Burger Cafe. It’s all in the name, folks!

I told you that’s the name of the restaurant! And they are very proud to have been serving up their cooking to travelers, campers, and local Kellogg’onians for nearly 30 years. Millions of burgers alone have been slinging there way to us and there doesn’t seem to be a sign of slowing down. Why am I still typing and not posting the picture of their burger!?!


Just seconds off the Exit 173 ramp and you’re ordering a juicy portion of classic Americana. I inhaled the 1/2 lbs burger with cheese and all the trimmings. The bubbles on the top of my freshly poured fountain pop hadn’t fully settled when I was presented with their proud burger. Before I could say, “lightning quick”, the table behind me said, “Wow that was fast”, when their order was placed on the table. Something tells me that they’ve done this nearly 2 millions times before.

Jake had this grin the entire time we were there. I promise I’ll order ice cream next time. I’ve deserved it. And it’s my blog, I’ll order ice cream whenever I want.

The RV park sees a lot of business all summer long and with Iowa Speedway just a few miles away, Iowa’s Best Burger Cafe is showing us the qualities of a family owned Iowa business. There’s much to still be discovered on the beaten path and we’re hoping you get your share of Kellogg when you can. One yummy meal at a time. Thanks for the burger, Anna! Let’s do this again!

Yes we’ve had a burger or two during our travels…..Be sure to read about our stops in GrinnellSutliffHillsDavenportDecatur City, and Keosauqua where you can find more ground beef magic!

Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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