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Iowa Recipe Quest-Cooking With Iowa’s Brews, Wines, & Spirits: Odessa Yellow Watermelon Granitas

Strike a pose with Odessa Vineyards!
Rose Wine: Odessa Vineyards-Wapello, IA

The cheesiest department at the North Dodge Hy-Vee in Iowa City. We sampled, we fell in love, we stocked up for the next Iowa Recipe Quest…
The summer is winding down and we still have Labor Day weekend coming up that will yield a lot of camping trips, swirls around the lake, and tailgate parties! Delicious melons from Iowa and all over the Midwest are still in season and you can head to the North Dodge Hy-Vee to get stocked up for your getaway and this refreshing adult slushy!

Prep Time: 5 minutes     Yield: 5 generous Granitas

  • 3 cups diced yellow watermelon or any other seedless watermelon available
  • 2 cups of Odessa Vineyards Rose Wine
  • Juice from one lemon (Optional)

This is so simple but yields a great treat! You don’t always need a page full of ingredients to create a delicious and memorable experience. Take these three simple ingredients and mix in a blender. Pour the mixture into a baking loaf pan and freeze completely.While we waited for the freezing to take place, we reused our measuring cup and poured the remainder of the rose into it with some fruit, a squeeze of lemon, and some sparkling water. Our Sparkling Rose was a delicious precursor to the main event. After about an hour and a half, check in on your granita. Once frozen, take a fork and mash up the icy Granitas and serve right away! Make this very soon! Watermelon can be had all year long but this is prime season! Go now!

I like summer. I like summer a lot!
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Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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