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Our 2015 Iowa Meal After Meal, After Meal….

It’s pretty safe to say that we had an active year. And you can also say that we didn’t skip too many meals. Or any. We travel through and find some of Iowa’s best places to eat and kickback with our stomachs guiding us at times. I can’t tell you how proud of Iowa I am with the ever changing culinary landscape. The classics are still being served and we seek them as well. However, not only are delicious, unique ethnic restaurants popping up all over the state, but also casual-fine and fine dining opportunities in rural and urban areas. There’s a higher demand for locally sourced ingredients with chefs and business owners answering the call. Many homegrown cooks are returning to Iowa and/or staying put and contributing to an epicurean wave that is sweeping through the cornbelt. Enjoy our unofficial gastro-tour of Iowa from the past 12 months. By the way…..we’ve incidentally increased our hiking, dog walking, and trips to the treadmill too. (Please click on the pictures for descriptions and the links below to see the blog that features these great establishments)

From Iowa farm to your favorite table, these restaurants are striving to support small Iowa growers and livestock producers to bring you some of our states most delicious creations… from specialty dairy products to heritage breeds… from certified fruits and veggies to state of the art hydroponic produce grown year-round. Iowa always finds away to keep its agricultural edge.

Some of our favorite restaurants showcasing local foods:

TacosSoup & SandwichPancakes Amish MealCharcuterieSodasGrilled CheeseReuben Sandwich

Amazing Ethnic Restaurants:

Thai ShrimpTacos & PhoCevapi Sandwich

Beloved burgers and pizza:

Fried Egg BurgerDuck PizzaDetroit Style PizzaIowa PizzasBaxa BurgerMac & Cheese Burger

We always had time for breakfast:

Salmon LoxBiscuits & GravyFrench ToastCorned Beef HashDonuts

Our Collective Sweet Tooth was activated:

CupcakesChocolateBacon Wrapped Donuts & CheesecakeOld Fashion Soda

And we saved room for the classics:

Baked PastaHot Roast Beef SandwichBreaded Pork TenderloinBrisketHills MealMontrose MealHot DogWindham Meal

We’re wondering where it all went too. 2016 better come with a salad. Check, please!!

Hey, look! Wild asparagus! Thank you, Eldora!
Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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  1. Love that you guys do a year end list that is unbiased. You just hear about a place, or stumble upon it and see what it is all about. Keep up the great blog and we hope to see you back in Ladora. Happy new year!

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