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Biscuits & Gravy Champions!

Team Goodvin has spoken! There are many places that serve up this delicious breakfast selection, but there can only be one that can be named our favorite. Let’s not draw this out anymore than it needs to be and get the name of our newest best friend out there. Ladies, gentleman, readers, and fellow diners, please give it up to……..

Rock's Anchor Grill
Rock’s Anchor Grill 1526 North Harrison Street in Davenport, Iowa
Our visit to Davenport, in March, yielded our fondest memory of our B&G search. The staff was welcoming, efficient, and having a great time with us and the rest of the customers as we motored through our meal.

IMG_1504 (1)
The crew of Rock’s Anchor Grill holding up their new shiny award. Great work everyone!
2015 gave us some great memories and Rock’s was one of many during our RAGBRAI scouting trip of Davenport. We love to experience new places, but this newly-awarded restaurant is sure to be one of our “go-to’s” for years to come when we find ourselves in the Quad Cities. Keep bringing it, Rock’s! We’ll be taking a dive into that platter of gravy again.

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A true breakfast majesty. Rocks Anchor Grill.
Thanks for reading! -Team Goodvin

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