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You’re going to make this Iowa thing happen

photo1“People will come to Iowa for reasons they cannot possibly fathom…”
-James Earl Jones from the movie, Field of Dreams

Hello, folks! First time blogger, long time reader. There’s something going on in Cornbelt, USA and it’s not all pig-poo. I was born in the great state of Iowa and moved away in ’99, when I was 21, and experienced life in Arizona, Montana, Cape Cod, The Florida Keys, Austin, The Black Hills of South Dakota and Central Illinois. My family of 5 moved to my hometown of Iowa City 5 years ago and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be back! This blog will have food, travel, history, and so much interesting material about Iowa, it will make you want to pack everything up start your own organic farm with a mural above your dining room of John Wayne, Johnny Carson, Buffalo Bill Cody, Herbert Hoover, and Andy Williams playing poker together! I’ll take famous dead guys from Iowa for $1000, Alex……..

I can’t wait to show everyone what’s going on in the land that invented cauliflower ear. Take the food for instance! We all know that you can find amazing restaurants in cities like New York, Chicago, LA, Las Vegas, and every other major American metro area. But you can also find gems that are popping up in little towns called Solon, Mt. Vernon, West Liberty, Oxford, Le Claire and more! Many chefs are showcasing their passion for organic and sustainable ingredients and meats coming from heritage breeds. Sure, you can open your restaurant in SanFran and showcase all these wonderful products. Or you can cut down on the shipping costs and high rent and find the nearest town closest to the farms you’re buying from and enjoy being apart of one of the greatest food renaissance’s in American history.

And what a history this place has! Along with the gastro-tour through The Hawkeye State, I’ll be boning up on the Native American culture, the storied agricultural and industrial culture, life in Iowa City (Home of the University of Iowa and the only UNESCO city in North America) and going up and down America’s first two major interstates. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers. We’ve only sighted the tip of iceberg when it comes to the exploration of one of the worlds most important regions. See you in Iowa!

Btw……there are people who admit to picking up a whole stick of butter, with their bare hands, then gliding the ends across their corn on the cob and then there’s damn liars.

7 thoughts on “You’re going to make this Iowa thing happen

  1. Jay, awesome blog! I can’t wait to find out about the Native American stuff. And at the end I thought you were gonna say there are people who admit to picking up a whole stick of butter w/ their bare hands and eating it. (which I would do…well, not the whole thing, but maybe half.)

  2. The best sandwich is in Marsahlltown, Iowa at Taylor’s Maid-Rite… Yay… even the WORLD !!

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