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Touring Iowa, One Freedom Rock At a Time

There’s a world of roadside history all over Iowa. Especially when you explore the endless rural blacktops and winding county roads. We’re gearing up for the summer with Linder Tire Service and we’re proud to have them sponsoring another road trip on The Iowa Gallivant.

So, you say you’re a rock hound. Oh, you like public art? I heard the lady over there say that she loves road trips. Who’s looking for an idea to bring all these interests together and start a journey-filled bucket list through Iowa, just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend. The Freedom Rock Tour is gaining steam every year with travelers and we have begun to start our expedition to see all of them on The Iowa Gallivant. Here’s our first round of discovering this amazing and patriotic project. The ultimate goal is to have a Freedom Rock in all 99 Iowan counties and currently there is over 70 completed. We gallivanted to 4 in one day!

The town of Maxwell, Iowa is nestled in rural Story County and features their Freedom Rock overlooking their beautiful city park. Many of these rocks are positioned in the off the beaten path towns. Maxwell is great example of how you can visit small town Iowa and discover proud public areas such as this.

Our next stop was Marshall County’s Freedom Rock in Marshalltown, which was down the path from the local American Legion and Golf Course. The communities make the extra effort to not only display the Freedom Rock, they also do an amazing job of adding to the venues. Plaques, memorials and carefully groomed landscaping are also trends that you’ll see with each stop.

Tama County was next and the town of Gladbrook has an incredible patch of land dedicated to their Freedom Rock. The local Meskwaki’s that served for the US Military are memorialized at this Freedom Rock below towering flags and cases full of bricks with local vets etched on the tops.

Our fourth and last Freedom Rock of the day was Benton County’s in the town of Shellsburg. Their Freedom Rock is positioned right on Main Street next to the American Legion and has some great information on all the serviceman painted on the rock. This is a great example of finding a Freedom Rock and discovering the business district of Main Street, America.

Now, I like wading in the muddy creeks and sifting through countless handfuls of rocks to find the “keeper.” However, this kind of rock hunting is more of my specialty. Whatever your plans are this summer, keep these areas in mind. They will pop-up when you’re not expecting it, at times and supply a great way to take a break and pay your respect at the same time. The Iowa towns housing these Freedom Rocks are eager to host you and give you the history of some of the greatest Iowan and Americans our country has ever produced. 4 down and 95 to go for Team Goodvin. We got this!

Our tour marches on! Thank you to all the communities that are placing these unforgettable monuments!

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*Linder Tire Service is the sponsor to the content on this blog post. All the opinions expressed are of our own. Thank you for Gallivanting!

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