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Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing West Liberty


West Liberty, IA: Muscatine County

You like sausage and cured meats? You bet you do! You like supporting locally owned family businesses here in Iowa? That’s a no-brain’er! Then you must be loving Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip. If this is the first stop you’ve made on this project, then you know how to pick’em. Right in between the metro areas of Muscatine and Iowa City is the town of West Liberty and wouldn’t you know it….they have some incredible meat! West Liberty Locker & Processing showed us the wurst!

Sausage isn’t the only selection they have here. When the owner isn’t overseeing the meat cutting, deer processing, sausage crafting and revving up the smoker, you might see him raising his own bees and producing local honey! We keep finding unique features of local Iowa lockers and West Liberty is no exception. Here’s what we took home and I hope you like spicy!

That’s all the food groups so there!

Mango-Habanero bratwursts! This has the perfect amount of spicy with some easygoing sweet mango hints and it goes amazing with fresh pico de gallo and freshly sliced mango strips. We caramelized some sweet yellow onions from the pan the brat seared in and took it to next level bratwurst eating.

Order out? No! Stir fry night with brats!

Japanese udon noodles with plenty of fresh veggies and stir fried with West Liberty Locker’s Sriracha Onion brats. We love sauerkraut and mustard, but this was a spin that we couldn’t wait to get cooking. Spicy sausages are great, but that wasn’t all we picked up…..

Yup! West Liberty Locker is also known for their beautiful bacon!

Oh, you know. Just another double bacon sandwich with cheeseburger. Thick cut and smoked to perfection. West Liberty Locker made it to the greatest road trip ever and we’ll see if they bring home our Wurst Award in December. Pass the egg rolls and let’s get some brats rollin’ in!

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