Northeast Iowa · Searching for Miss Piggy's Birthplace

Searching for Miss Piggy’s Birthplace: From Howard to Kermit

*In a 1979 New York Times article, Frank Oz, who was the original voice of Miss Piggy, said she was born in a small town in Iowa. However, he never said which one. We’re on the search for her birthplace and we need your help finding it! (Featured image of this article is from Miss Piggy’s official twitter account)

riceville 15
Noelle is holding up the picture of Miss Piggy with her grandson and they are both convinced that Riceville, IA, is home to one of America’s greatest treasures. We investigate the clues…(All pictures of Miss Piggy are from her official Twitter account)

Riceville, IA: Howard County

The western region of Northeast Iowa is home to a small Iowa town with a huge sense of family and pride. It’s in Howard County and the area is no stranger when it comes to producing some of America’s icons, like Olympic wrestlers, pioneers in commercial air travel, and a guy known as Norman Borlaug, hands down one of the most important Americans of all time with his research and development that helped feed the world and changed wheat production forever. According to a local citizen, there might be one of the biggest celebrities of all-time that may have her birthplace near Riceville. Let’s hear the story….

riceville 14
An aerial view of Riceville and its beautiful Northeast Iowa surroundings. Photo from the City of Riceville

That long stretch in the center of the picture sees a longer parade every year. “The parade in Riceville is huge!” Noelle proclaimed with excitement. “I’m sure Miss Piggy participated in it at some point.” We all know this Muppet loved entertainment and being the center of it. “I also think that she was inspired by the local library and all the antique backdrop curtains from the old Brown Opera House.” The images of some of these historic curtains are below and the Riceville Public Library does an amazing job of preserving the history of this artwork from the early 20th century.

Community plays and parades sound like they could be the early inspiration to Miss Piggy’s stardom, but Noelle thinks there’s another very important clue to her upbringing in the area. Frogs, my dear readers. Frogs!

Riceville 12
This image is also from the City of Riceville’s website and from what we here from Noelle, there’s an important story that goes with this local lake.

Lake Hendricks provides the locals and visitors with a lot of recreation and camping opportunities and….well…Noelle can explain. “When were kids, we’d catch frogs at Lake Hendricks and pretend that we were princesses. And yes, we kissed a few! That might even be the place Miss Piggy met Kermit!” That makes sense to me! But, the search can’t stop here. We have have the whole state chiming in and we’re hot on the trail. Don’t worry, Miss Piggy, we’ll find your birthplace. Sounds like Riceville is ready to take you in no matter what.

Be sure to read about the community of Casey and their claim to Miss Piggy’s Birthplace!


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