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Searching for Miss Piggy’s Birthplace-Come Home to Casey

*In a 1979 New York Times article, Frank Oz, who was the original voice of Miss Piggy, said she was born in a small town in Iowa. However, he never said which one. We’re on the search for her birthplace and we need your help finding it! (Featured image is from the official Miss Piggy twitter account) 

Iowans have many icons and one of our most well known is the great Miss Piggy. And we don’t even know her exact place of birth… yet! (All pictures of Miss Piggy are from her official twitter account)

Casey, IA: Guthrie County

So where you from? We hear it all the time in conversation. Some of the biggest stars and most important Americans in history were born in Iowa. Johnny Carson-Corning, John Wayne-Winterest, Herbert Hoover-West Branch, Norman Borlaug-Cresco, Buffalo Bill Cody-LeClaire, Miss Piggy-????? She’s from Iowa, but where? Lisa (pictured above) from the town of Casey thinks her hometown has all the evidence we need.

“I run a daycare and we’re all super-fans!” There was no hesitation when she stated her claims. “There’s a lot of farms in the area including several hog lots. I can see why she wanted to use her talents and break away from the pack.” And we could see why, cuz you know where they’re all going. But, that doesn’t mean the town of Casey isn’t friendly to one of their own just because she a piggy.

These pictures are from Casey Fun Days and you can see that it brings out fun loving Iowans all weekend long, so mark your calendars for early July! And why do you think Miss Piggy has a connection to this event? Lisa knows!

“Before she wanted to see the world, she started to love frogs right here in Casey. Fun Days has frog races so maybe that’e why she fell for Kermit.” Makes sense to me! But, there has to be more.

“My mother dressed up as Miss Piggy twice! So, that should tell you something.” It certainly does, Lisa. She brought up many good points but we can’t bring this investigation to a stop yet. Stay tuned, Casey. You just might be the town where all her glamour began.

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