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The Last Days of Spring in Okoboji

You know you’re in a lake town when you see this wallpaper!

Okoboji, IA: Dickinson County

We gravitated to the Okoboji area once again this year. The first was in the last days of winter with it’s last blizzard and we hunkered down in West Okoboji and discovered the local brewery and an amazing Iowa singer. This time the last days of Spring yielded a warm weekend and the lake was calling. One evening and one afternoon gave us so much to do here. There’s no kidding around when they say its Iowa’s #1 vacation destination!

Our one day home on the lake. And we mean ON the lake!

The Admiral’s Suite from The Inn at Okoboji was luring us to one of the most picturesque rooms we’ve ever stayed in. The Inn had the feel of a classic lakeside historic hotel from the moment you arrive and walk through the doors. And we had brand new swim suits! Mama went shopping!

Our suite was right by the water and right by the water again. Crystal clear pool meets the beautiful lake. The Admiral’s Suite was huge and had plenty of room for plenty of good ole fashioned Okoboji kicking back and relaxing. Very comfortable beds, couches and big screen TVs that we never even turned on. There’s a lake outside you know! And having fun in it will work up an early morning appetite.

The Inn at Okoboji has welcomed a local legend from nearby Hartley, Iowa, to make the guests a great breakfast. Crazy Bob’s brings some of their most popular items to the brunch buffet and keeps them coming all morning long.

Imagine what we could do with a few more hours or even days in Okoboji. The Inn made us feel like we were at home and why not do it again and again. Iowa has one of the greatest lakes in America and we tend to keep heading there. Who in Okoboji is ready for another gallivant!?!

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